Hood rat hooker

Was in college just off work, cruzing around Albany a night. Was kinda bored day dreaming as I pulled up to a red light. I was shocked when outta no where this smoking hott black girl opens my passenger door and hops in. She made it clear she was a hooker looking for work, my gf was outta town and I was horny so I figure hell why not. She had curly black with red  hair and c-d **** and dark skin looking trashy in a tiny white halter dress which was an added plus. Gave her 50, had her show me what she was working with before I grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and made her suck me deep while I drove. Gagged her a cpl times till I coated the back of her throat in ***. Cruised around some more while I grilled her bout all the freaky **** she had done. I was hard again in no time, drove to a secluded spot at a dead end road. Had her bend over my hood while I put a rubber on. Took her ***** first, pulled her hair and choked n slapped her a bit. She was bucking back to meet each thrust, moaning like the ***** she was, I pulled out and lined my **** up with her ***. She said I didn't pay for ***, I grabbed her hips slammed her onto the hood and plunged  deep into her. She yelps as my **** torn her *** hard as I slammed my balls against her **** and swollen ****. I felt myself getting close I took her by her hair and made her kneel as I popped the rubber off a pumped my seed all over her face and in her mouth. I gave her another 20 and some tissue to clean up. Drove her to her appt and she offers me her number if I wanna play again, and if I want other girls. Saw her and a few other hoes, but that's another story. Message me if you wanna know more.
Bigbull88 Bigbull88
22-25, M
Apr 9, 2012