The Newness Is Intoxicating

I'm a young, good looking, in-shape guy ... happily married ... except when it comes to sex. Everything, and I do mean everything else, is great. My wife is beautiful and smart. We have a great connection. I want to raise kids with her. But she is stubbornly conservative when it comes to sex and doesn't really pay attention to my needs which I've expressed plenty. For the record - I'm not one of those guys who is fine ******* other girls but wouldn't let his have fun. In fact, I'd be down with swinging, mmf, whatever ... if she'd get into it.

So, a couple times a year I find a well reviewed girl online, give her a buzz, go over and we both suck and **** each other to our hearts content. I love that it's an honest exchange - she asks me what I like; I ask her. We connect physically for an hour, smile, kiss goodbye and we're done. She get's her cash and I get the experience I want.

Couple months back I had a 3 way with two sexy young girls - it was fantastic. I walked in, we started casually chatting as they ******** and before I knew it one was on her knees in front me while I was making out with her friend. I ****** her tight little ***** while the other girl sat on her face. We all came multiple times and I had a smile on my face for a week.

Seriously being able to have a fantasy and then get it fulfilled pretty-much whenever I want is intoxicating. Race, body-type, number of partners, preference ... you name it. There are definitely some sketch girls out there - but you don't have to look too hard to find sweet, clean chicks who dig having sex - and don't mind getting paid for it. Every one I've met has been a nice person. To be honest, unless my wife suddenly has a sexual awakening (and I'll keep trying) I can't see myself stopping.
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Such truth...

Nice to know some have fun doing it. Some people make you feel like a monster just for cisidering the subject.