Short Story Of My First Time, And First Time With A Prostitute, And On Seeing Prostitutes

First time I had sex it was with a prostitute, about two years ago; I was two months from turning 24. I've been with many more since then and actually I'm yet to have sex with any woman not a prostitute.

By that first time I had never had a girlfriend, and hadn't been interested in having one (still not), but had developed what I thought was a strong will to have my first sexual experience from a casual hookup. I wanted it to be with a woman not puting money as a condition to have sex with me. But less than two years into my 'quest' for getting that casual hook up without any results, i had came to resignate to the idea I just didn't have what it takes (not that I have got it as of now) to seduce women into having sex with me, and at the same time was somewhat becoming tolerant of the idea of having sex with women who would charge for sex. I'm not sure why exactly, I think it may have to do with the constant thinking of bars as hook up places and the association of hookers with the bar scene...One thing that catalized my desire for hooker love was a close encounter with one street hooker about two weeks before I finally had sex with one, in which I turned down her offer.

Thing is the day it finally hapened I went downtown (the same area where I had seen the street hooker i wrote of) to see if I could meet someone for some casual sex. I first went to a bar but couldn't hook up with any woman. After a while I decided to leave and pursue a little tour to know where the afamed brothels of downtown were located, so I rounded the same block where the bar i left was and found out the brothels were just a turn of the corner away haha. I walked past by one in a kind of nervous and heisty attitude but when i was about to pass along the next one a man walked past in front of me to open the door and my inmediate reaction was to enter the place behind him. A couple of minutes later I was setting up for sex with one of the prostitutes in the place. I paid, we went to one of the rooms and got it done. It was an ok experience for a first time. One thing i realized is the level of arousal was not as much as when fantasizing about sex, nor in quality, neither in quantity. I left the place right after, I guess open to the posibility of coming back some day, which I eventually did.

First couple of times I went back was with the excuse of completing experimentation and paying an end of vacation trip to the brothels I debted myself (haha). By the third time it was obvious I'd became fond of seeing prostitutes to have the sex I often wanted, which have been the reason for all the times I've had sex with them afterwards. I'd still prefer to be one who has his fair share of sex without having to pay for it, heck I even have considered retaking the quest for a first time casual sex. Three months ago I started dating a woman I met at work ; first time ever I've dated, kissed, slightly groped, or had anything romantical/sexual with a woman not a prostitute, though I'm considering ending the relationship since i have not gotten what I wanted of it and looks like a complicated relationship sex desire aside. Not sure if i should retake that quest for my 'first time', at least for being in peace with myself knowing I made it even if it turns out to be my one and only, haha. Until that happens (and who knows, maybe after that), i feel i'll remain comfortable with seeing prostitutes for enjoying what I like the most of women...

Story of a 25 yo male living in a latin american country where prostitution isn't penalized...
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How much did you pay?

Prices over here rank between 15-25 dollars per session in the cheap brothels. I'm not even interested in the more expensive ones...