Enjoyed By Prostitute.

First time @ 18 i am not knowing what to do . i than tried to go to prostitute. what i had done... I touch her with my hands, all over. I touched her face and arms, lightly trace stomach and outer thighs tease calves and feet, playing with breasts and nipple until they are flushed. Then pinched, until they are hard. When they are hard twisted and pulled. Following nipples my hands find vagina and slide into wet and up + down slit. Gently and slowly at first. . My fingers go on g-spot. Pulling her upwards, almost lifting her off the bed. My other hand pressing firmly on her pelvis.... and she try to pull my brief and push downwards. , she had pin down legs with mine. ****** after ****** of pleasure rippling through me.
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Apr 3, 2013