Like In a **** Movie

My first experience was in Tunisia, in Tunis, in 1966. I was 19. Some Tunisians I and my English buddy had met (I'm American) took us to a ********** in Tunis and if I hadn't been there it would have seemed incredible. The building was what seemed to be a previous hotel, it had rooms around a second floor with a railing circling a big open area with a huge desk-table, that looked like a hotel registration deskl. There was a woman sitting there and she sold tokens. The Westerners paid $20 and the Tunisians paid about $3. Both of these gave the right to 20 minutes. The girls were in panties (topless) around the floor above and each had a room. I asked why the different price and I was told that the natives had the right to the 20 minutes, but usually finished in 5, so that was why they paid less. The Europeans would take the full 20 minutes. Anyway, I chose a girl, but she only spoke Arabic, so we coudln't communicate, and she washed off my **** with a washcloth and basin of water, and looked at it (looking for disease), but I didn't get hard. However I was not depressed afterwards, meeting up with my friends on the street, I considered it a valuable experience worth the money. This was the first time I actually attempted to have sex with a female, never had found one who was willing.

nydan61 nydan61
61-65, M
Feb 20, 2009