Once Only

I have met many prostitutes for 'watersports and panty-wetting fun' but only once did I ever have sex with one. I was working away from home and lonely, and fancied a bit of wet fun one evening. I rang several numbers that advertised 'personal services', but the only one I liked the sound of was one who said she didn't do watersports. I went round to her flat anyway, and paid just for straight sex. She was in her 30s with very sad eyes, and I chatted to her to find out a bit about her story of how she came to be in the trade. She had a good figure with superb ****, and wore nice black cotton 'proper' knickers, but frankly her performance during sex was very average. Looking back now, I would have been better off getting her to put on some pantyhose - would have been a lot more satisfying coming between her legs then!

I have never been to one since, for services of any kind.

burstin2go burstin2go
51-55, M
Sep 16, 2009