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I started visiting prostitutes about 12 years' ago. It began as a combination of curiosity, a wish for variety (things were a bit boring at home) and opportunity. At the time I used to travel a lot in Asia and was in the habit of getting a massage, usually with a hand job, especially after long, often overnight, flights.

During one trip to Bangkok I decided to take things a step further. One evening I gave my colleagues the slip and headed out on my own. My destination was the famous red light district of Pat Pong where I wandered around and had a drink in a couple of bars. Usually one or more girls will approach you, trying to get you to a buy them a drink as a first step to something more. I declined their approaches until one, in the third or fourth bar, caught my eye. I had already decided that I only wanted a blow job, negotiations proceeded, then we retired to a small room in a nearby "hotel" where the deed was done.

After that, I progressed to full sex and most trips featured some sort of pay for play experience. Different destinations offered various options: bar-girls and massages in Bangkok, some nice brothels in Sydney and so on. When I moved to Europe I began to use escorts, sometimes for a few hours but also for two or three day meetings.

Why do I do it? As I mentioned, variety was part of the attraction and that is still my main drive. I also enjoy exploring a taut, young body and generally taking some time for relaxation. Recently I have met an "amateur" with whom I spent some very enjoyable time. Even though I usually try to please my sex partners the extra responsibility of doing so, when you are not paying, makes it a different experience.

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Men, we are creature of passion, just cant get enough ot intimacy, we crave and longing for another woman touch. I dont think I can live without sex. whether its with prostitute or with girl friend. thanks for the story.

Well in a word YES. Having travelled the world extensively, numerous countries in Asia, and europe as well as Mexico, Canada etc. Mostly done in my younger years in the military and for gonernment private sector jobs. first starting out on my own.Initiallt it was a simple matter of economics, several paces a quick roll in the hay full service romp could be had for $5.00 or less. I was not looking for any type of serious relationship, and am not nor have ever been the type to lie, cheat or decieve another just to get laid this was a reasonable alternative. Each person knows what to expext and no post coital drama.Had a lot of friends who would tell a girl Oh, I love you so much then as soon as they "planted their flag" (sorry for being crude) moved on.... I just can't play with anothers emotions like that. What sense would it make be honest and if nothing happens now, maybe later it will, you could end up screwing what would have been a perfect relationship. Besides there are alternatives.I used to say "I'd never pay for *****" My 1st 5.00 lay cured me of that.Had some say you are such a ***** having payin for it...I'd say no your the ***** for having to lie to get itAny way I've actually had a few as regulars and gotten to know, and become friends with them and gotten a number of freebies, just by treating them as what they were... People. The plus no unreasonable expectations or drama

I enjoyed reading your story, you come across v forthcomming and I too understand exactly why you develop this, as woman I know how men feels when they are lonely. I have been a escort but not for money , it started our as a innocent business colleague and now has bloomed into something emotional and sensual. Thank you for posting your experience.

What's the word I'm looking for? Accommodating? No, that's not it. *****? No they get paid. Easy? Maybe. ****! That's it, my kind of girl. I don't mean to be offensive but sometimes my mind takes off on a weird track. Just don't get hurt.

I understand exactly why you are doing this.