First Time

I had my first 'paid' experience the other weekend. I was home alone and very horny...after trawling thru the net trying to find a hottie who was also keen for fun i decided to  have a look in the personals in the saturday paper. I found one...Ryan-20-Surfie. I was nervous, i had never done this before so i didnt know what to do. I sent a text message 'heya Ryan im Andy, saw ur ad in paper-hot. Im 23,white and avg build-msg me if you are keen to meet'.

The dude messaged me back about 15mins later 'got your msg, am available, wna meet now?'. I got soo hot yet nervous, this was a first for me, but my desire to have sum **** was beyond a joke, i was craving!! so i messaged back '*** to mine, ready now' - we then proceeded to phone to discuss the arrangements (whatever that meant lol). $100 an hour includes oral and sex plus $50 for travel, i would of paid a million to get sum action, it was like i was on heat hehe :P

While sexy Ryan was on his way over, i hit the shower and freshened myself up...i then changed into a nice dressy t-shirt, slid on my blak leather pants, tightened my cool white surfie belt and put on my new globe skate shoes - i must admit, i looked OK :P hahaha. After 40 minutes a car pulled up my drive, it was him! I got nervous, this is sooo random i've never done anything like this before, what does he look like? I hope he's hot!!! :S Ryan gave a gentle knock on the door - i skulled my glass of water and went to answer.

"Hi" said Ryan - and yes - he was a hottie - about 6ft1, slim, dark brown hair and freckles and dressed kinda like an emo boy.

"Hey" i said "pritty tough house to find huh" (WHAT!) "yeh sure is man" replied Ryan. It was quiet, i didnt know what to we just...DO IT? I sure hope so i was feeling pritty horny as i had a ***** on the big tv and the groans were getting me hard!!

"Sooo, whats the deal, how do we do this?" i asked the cute rent boi. "Umm, well, if i can get sum money upfront then we can go wherever you wanna do it"

I handed over the $150. "Come into this room" i summonsed my Ryan, well mine for the next hour at least! hehe

"How do we get this started?" i questioned, "Do we kiss or what?"

"No i dont really kiss" said Ryan

"OK, how about Oral? Want me to give your rod a workout?" i said. "yeh kool ok" said Ryan

Ryan started to undress, first his shoes, then off came his t-shirt then denim shorts. He was standing there in his jocks, and he had a super hot body  like the twinks you see in the movies :P~~~ I moved closer to Ryan and pulled down his jocks to expose his massive, flacid ****. mmmm i cant wait. I gently pushed the rent boi onto the bed so he was laying on his back. I moved in close, between his legs, and began to jack him off, getting more and more excited as i could feel his meat get harder. Once he was fully erect i lowered my face between his groin and began to work the pulsing head on his 8inch ****. It tasted so good, he began to moan "mmmmmm, oohhhh, yeh that feels good man". The more he moaned the more i got into it, taking it deeper and deeper, i was really working my magic on his shaft, he even let out a few little screams now and then! I was getting real hard now, i took my t-shirt off, i was just in my leather pants and shoes, hot and horny, i was working his ****, jackin then sucking then jackin and sucking at the same time, i could feel the young mans legs begin to tense "I think im gunna ***....awww mmmm  ohhh yeh awwwww ahhhhh yehhhh ahhhhhhh" he began to shudder all over then i felt his **** (which was in my mouth) begin to go crazy, he let his load off in my mouth and i didnt stop until i had tasted every drop of his **** juice. "That was soo ****** good, i havnt had a client do that to me ever!" he said, i suppose that was a compliment!

"What do u wanna do now?" Ryan asked me. "Do you like being ****** dude?" i asked, hoping he would say yes...."sorry man i dont bottom, that isnt goin to be a proble is it man?" "Noo its kool, maybe you can have a taste of my **** then, if your horny enough, you can have a crack at me?"

"OK no worries, let me grab the rubbers" Ryan went to his bag and pulled out a franga, he said he only sucked a **** with a franga on it, which i understood given the line of his work, plus condoms kinda turned me on! I lay on the bed, Ryan moves toward me, between my legs and leans over and undoes my belt. He then begins to rub my hard-on thru my pants, using his palm to move up and down and around on my leather croutch, i was fully hard now. Ryan undid the top button on my pants and gently slid them down just enough so my raging love muscle was exposed. The boi for hire then began to play with my ****, before rolling the condom over the top - just the sensation of that was enough to make me want to ***! Ryan then began to blow me, taking my 6 inches in one mouthful, he worked it well, his tongue was goin crazy!! After only  a few minutes i was ready to explode "Im about to ***, hop off man, ****, *moans*, hope off.....**** that was hot!". "Whats up Andy, whats on your mind?" "I want you to **** me man, is that kool?" "Yeh thats OK, let me grab the lube"

Ryan threw me the lube which i began to work around my hole myself, inserting a few fingers and stretching and loosening as much as i could coz this young **** buddy of mine had a serious weapon. After a few minutes i thought i was ready. Ryan slid my leather pants off all the way now, all i had on was my white skate shoes. Ryan tarped up, rolling the franga down his large love muscle then slathered his meat in lube. I was on the bed, laying on my back with my legs off the side of the bed, Ryan was standing, between my legs, gripping behind my knees "you ready man?" "yehh" i said. Ryan took it slow, like i asked, the head of his **** just gently pressing my butthole and gradually giving it a bit more, he was slowly entering into me, it was feeling so good. After about 30 or 40 seconds he had his whole length in me, it felt so satisfying, i love being ****** (FYI)!. "Still good Andy?" "Yehh, **** me now man, do me good" i said, tryin to sound dirty hehe. Ryan's hips went back, his **** sliding out of me, then pushed in forward with some force "awwww" i let out a moan "yeh thats hot man, keep goin" again the 20y/o babe pulled back then drove into me, again and again with a good fast rythym, you could hear the sound of **** and lube, and condom and arse mixed in with the sound of the bed bouncing and the two dudes moaning as both are in a world of hot hard *** *******! Then, all of  sudden, Ryan pulled out "turn over man, let me do ya from behind", so i did. I moved into the middle of the double bed and got into the doggy position, with my head and shoulders down low and my butt raised, like a cat on heat teasing the tom cats! Ryan hopped onto the bed, i felt his hands on my arse cheeks, spread em, then his hard rod being driven back into my ***. Ryan gripped my waist as he was driving me from behind, the bed was soooo loud, and so was our grunts and moans, i could feel Ryans shaft pushing into my prostate, with every motion into me i had this urge to ***, it was soo good. After a few more minutes of this frantic ******* i blew my load, all over the bed covers, i couldnt hold any more, gushes of white warm *** landed under me. After seeing me blow my load like that i think it sent Ryan off, "oooohhhh **** im gonna ***, fuuucck yehhhh oohhhh yehhh ahhhhh" he quickly pulled out of me and came in his franga. **** that was good i thought.

After we finished, Ryan got up, dressed himself, grabbed his bag and left. No strings fun. After he left i lay back on the bed, thinkin about what jut happened and began to jerk off replaying the experience in my head.

That is my first time with a rent boi, please excuse the spelling and grammar!!



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hot sounds well worth the cost