The Waiting Room

I am an RN...I work on an OB/GYN floor. Mostly in labor and delivery. I have seen my share of worried and anxious husbands and such. This was a typical day...I had five women in various stages of labor. I did happen to notice an extremely sexy man pacing up and down the hall in front of the waiting room. I couldn't help but check out his perfect *** in the jeans he wore. I continued doing my job...after about an hour or so, I seen him again. He was trying to get his dollar to work in the soda vending machine. I walked up to him and said "Here, I have a new bill. This should work." He smiled and accepted my dollar. "Is your wife inside?' I asked..."No, I'm here with my brother...his wife is still in labor." He replied. Still smiling at me he said "I noticed you earlier, your very beautiful." Suddenly shy, I said "Thanks"..."When do you get off work" he asked. "Not for a few more hours" I said...."That's to bad cause I think we could have a really good time" As soon as he said this my eyes went straight to his crotch...Noticing where I was looking he said" Oh I meant have dinner or something" His face turning red as he stammered "If you wanted that is" " I would like that" I reply. "Better get back to work, but I do have a break in a few minutes if you want to talk" "Of course I would" he answers. So, I get back to my charts still thinking about this hot guy with the perfect ***.

When my break comes around...I go looking for Mr. Perfect ***. There he is standing in the waiting room. I go in and ask him if he wanted to go some where quieter..."Yes, I would" he says...I don't know why I did this...just seemed like the right thing to do. I took his hand and led him to the unfinished new waiting room just down the hall. I closed the door and as there was no lock, I pushed a chair under the door handle...he looked a bit surprised but was smiling. "Just wanted some privacy" I say, as I walk over to him and lean up against his sexy body. "I like that" he says just before he kisses me. Such a sweet and sexy kiss.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, we continue to kiss passionately. His hands running down my back to my ***. Massaging my *** as I continue to kiss his eager mouth. "I don't have much time" I moan as we continue to kiss. "Mmmmm" he moans as he moves me to one of the counters in the waiting room. Bending me over the counter, he pulls my scrub bottoms down and then my panties...I see him unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down along with his boxers. "I want you now" he commands..." Mmmmm yes" I moan as he rubs his hard **** up and down my *** to my wet slit. Then he takes the head of his **** and rubs my **** sending me into a wonderful ******..."I want you!" I beg...he pushes his **** deep inside me...making me whimper at the sheer pleasure of it.

******* me hard and fast...I have one ****** after another. Finally, he climaxes and leans over me...his **** still deep inside. "Damn girl" he he pulls out and pulls up his boxers and jeans...I pull my panties and scrub back up. "I have NEVER done anything like this before" he says quietly..."Mmmm that's ok babe" I answer. "Can I get your name and number" he asks..." Sure babe" I say as I hand him one of my business cards. I pull the chair back out from under the door knob and open the door. "Thanks for everything" I say as I walk out the door into the hallway...."Hey, no problem baby" he says smiling at me as I walk back down the hall to my station...


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Wow, makes me want to check out the scrub nurses the next time I pass through the hospital visiting. I'll have to carry a worn one dollar bill with me--just in case!

this is my 2nd reading of your adventure and it was as good if not better than the 1st,
would like to be friended if I could.....Greg

Friends? Will you ever come to Phoenix, az?

That was really sexy. Did you see him again after that?

sometimes a quicky is just right. good story

i love the story!!! hmmm did you call him again?

WOW!!! That is one smoking hot story. Did the two of you ever hook up again? :)

Great story, and BIG fantasy for most guys, doing the hot nurse in the hospital!! Thanks!

I love it when a spur of the moment plan comes together.

wow, that was so hot, and so well written...i love your mind

such a sweet story, so powerful and sexual... love the way you are baby... and would love my nurse if I came to your hospital... <br />
<br />
kiss<br />

Very hot! most men have had a fantasy about a sexy nurse,or two, and now you have made them all come true, we are very visual beings.................Damn, I need a cigarette and I dont smoke.

That was the best **** I ever had. the vision of your beautiful *** is burnt onto my retina. I only wish I'd got to watch your lips on my ****. I came back the next day and the next, standing outside the hospital clutching your card and feeling my **** swell at the memory of you. Why didn't I go in? I couldn't stand the idea that I might spoil that memory.

Now ya just gotta tell us the city and the hospital! I'll not stalk ya but it would be a close line!