Lick Or Cheat.

This Halloween, my boyfriend and I took his kid sister trick or treating. All was going well, until I REALLY had to go to the bathroom. I told my boyfriend, and he told me to ask the next house we went to if I could use theirs. We came up to a small house with a little porch and some chairs. We did our usually trick or treating routine, knocked on the door, etc. Much to my surprise was a big muscular black man standing at the door. I asked him if I could use his rest room and he said it was no problem and shook my hand. It felt incredibly comforting to feel his big warm hand in the cold. He took me to his bathroom as my boyfriend and his sister waited outside.

I quickly pulled him into the bathroom and offered to let him watch if I could see his ****. He quickly took off his pants, And I pulled my sweatpants and thong down to my ankles, sat down and sucked his big warm black snake. I let my juices flow into the bowl, wiped myself off, and bent over the sink. I made him **** me in the butt. ;0

Nothing gave more pleasure than feeling his big warm **** in my ***, his hands on my ****. I felt like such a *****, but I was HIS *****> I watched it through the mirror. I was so worth it.
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Wow, thats so cute!!

wow girl thats ****....hehehehe

bring your ******* here and let me bang it to.

you take all and any bbc presented to you,go girl

You are a ****!

Damn that made me hard.

some quickies are the best.

soooooooooooooooooooooo cool

you ever stop in again?

Mmmmmm.... Everything about this experience makes my bigboy rockhard!!! The fact that you initially set out doing some 'random' trick-a-treating, probably not even thinking about having a hard **** inside you that evening.... feeling the urge to pee.... out of desperation, you enter the house of a total stranger, a muscular black one with a snake for a ****, at that.... At some point between walking into his house and entering the bathroom (could probably have taken a few seconds), you lose all inhibitions and pull him into the bathroom with you... you dont only allow this total stranger to watch you *******, you also suck his big black **** and let him **** you deep in your tight ***...mmmmm. All this while your cucky boyfriend waits patiently outside!! FUCCCCKKKK!!!! Simply delicious.... !!!

one halloween later... one more story to tell?

you can come trick or treating at my house any day of the year.

wanna meet up some time haha

Dont think so.

**** that's hot. your bf had no idea?

Wow I wish I could have seen that.