Spontaneous Sex

It was a Friday evening. I was feeling restless and decided to take in a movie. There was movie house near my place that played those soft **** blue-vie movies.I bought some treats and a drink and wandered into the theater. I selected a seat against the wall in an empty section so I wouldn't have people coming and going and blocking my view.

It wasn't a bad movie. It actually had a decent storyline and the acting was more than fair. The first love scene was unfolding and the actress was very sexy and provocative. I was just starting to get quite absorbed in the movie when a couple entered my row and made their way towards me. I expected them to take a seat part way down the row but they kept coming and sat down right beside me. That made me quite uncomfortable. I felt like they were invading my space. I was confused and couldn't understand why they would do that with so many empty seats available. However, I was trapped up against the wall and didn't want to make a scene out of relocating, so I just tried to ignore them. I guess I was pretty naive because I didn't see what was coming at all. About 5 minutes later, the woman who was seated next to me, brushed her little finger against mine as our hands rested on the chair arms. I moved my hand slightly towards me thinking it was an accident but a few seconds later she did it again, this time going so far as to wrap her finger around mine.

Suddenly, the hair stood up on the back of my neck as I realized what was happening. It all made sense now, they were obviously thrill seekers. I felt stupid but it was just that I hadn't ever experienced anything quite like it. I started to respond to her and soon our fingers were entwined. I felt kind of awkward with her man sitting right there but he could see what was going on and seemed fine with it. I was getting an education that night.

She let go of my hand and stared tracing her fingers up my arm until she neared my elbow, then quite deliberately dropped her hand into my lap. I jumped, somewhat startled, but I wasn't about to protest at that point. She began to rub my crotch and it didn't take long till I had a raging hard on. She started to fumble with my zipper and I quickly helped her out. I pulled it down for her and as her hand snaked inside, I undid my belt to allow her easier access. She slipped her fingers beneath the waist band of my shorts and seized hold of my ****. I thought I might *** on the spot as her cool fingers stroked up and down my shaft. She flicked her thumb back and forth over the head a few times, then slid down the length of my shaft and cupped my swollen balls in the palm of her hand. As she gently massaged them, I knew she could have her way with me completely. I was hers and she knew it.

Emboldened by her aggression, I decided to do a little exploring myself. I let my hand drop into her lap and she immediately responded by spreading her legs apart. Gathering the material of her skirt with my fingers, I slowly pulled it upward, exposing the nakedness of her legs. Placing my hand on her knee, I slowly worked my way up her thigh and cupped my hand over her ***** mound, thrilled to discover she wasn’t wearing panties. She moaned very softly as I started to slid my finger up and down her already moist slit. I began to gently massage her **** and felt it swelling under my fingers. I felt her grip tighten on my **** and she began to pump it a little quicker. Leaning toward me, she pleaded with me to please finger her. I happily slid a couple of fingers between her ***** lips and curled them up inside her. She began to gyrate her hips and all I had to do was hold still as she slid back and forth over my invading digits.

It was then that I realized that she had a firm grip on her boyfriends **** as well as mine. She was pumping us both as she rode herself to ****** on my fingers. She was getting wetter and wetter and suddenly I felt a gush of hot juices coating my palm. She tensed up and gritted her teeth to stop from yelling out as her ****** washed over her. That proved too much for both us guys. I heard a restrained grunt from her boyfriend and seen his *** spurt up and out in several streams. About then, my eyes went out of focus as my own load erupted against the back of the seat in front of me. She continued to squeeze and coax out the last few drops as our ***** slowly shrunk in her hands.

Then letting go, she reached into her purse and came out with a hand full of tissues which we all used to quickly clean ourselves up. I glanced around nervously as I was sure someone must have seen or heard us, but if they did, no one was saying anything. They probably enjoyed the show. The couple abruptly arose and left without so much as a goodbye and I never saw them again. I went back there several more times and even took the same seat, but alas, it was to prove to be a one time experience. One I often fondly recall. I discovered there is nothing quite like spontaneous sex and I would love to experience it again sometime.
bunsman bunsman
56-60, M
Jul 3, 2011