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I have to many stranger stories to write in here but this is one of my favorites. I was about 22 at the time and in college. My roomate had just turned 21 and we were going downtown to celebrate. However, one of the other girls was not 21 and was using a fake id. we went to the first bar and sure enough he stopped her and took her id. So we stepped out into the street and were arguing about what to do because she no longer had her fake. I told the girls to wait and I would see if I could get the id back. I walked up to the bouncer and told him I really needed to pee and could he clear the way to the bathroom becauseit was urgent. He eagerly agreed. When we got to restrooms I grabbed on to his hand and pulled him into the stall with me and quickly got to work. I undid his belt and pants and pulled out his ****. He was already hard and ready to go so I quickly sucked on it to get it wet. I then hiked up my skirt and pulled my underwear aside. I then turned away from him and leaned against the wall. He wasted no time and plunged himself into me. He was very fast and was done in 5 mins. I turned around and said "Can I please have my friends id back?" And the only words out of his mouth during the whole encounter were "OK." He gave me the id and I went and got the girls. We approached the door and he just stepped out of the way and in the bar we went.
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You are a good girl. we need more women like you!

so hot - more please

My God... blowing AND ******* a guy for a fake ID... imagine what she'd do if you bought her a car!

I loved your story.

Your such a persuasive girl bet you sell fridges to Eskimos with that sales pitch

Good way to get what you want lol.

Who could resist you and your friends after that.

great story thanks for sharing

I ******* at drop of hat is exciting I wish I knew a girl to do that with, it sounds like so much fun.

Man lucky bouncer I see how girl get what they want

Wow, is funny how things work out.


Wow you naughty girl...thats so sexy

Very hot story, I love how you just have enjoyed that. Did you let him come inside of you?

What a friend you are.

Mmmm, you should work in diplomacy, your oral argument seems flawless!

Very hot story

Very hot!

Gotta love women like you!