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So Horny Sometimes

Once in a while I get so horny I just have to have a **** immediately...

Not far from where I live is a parking place where you can pick up people that have the same idea... Mostly men ;)
I just go there and drive around to see if there is something there that I like...
Last week I saw a great guy who openly showed me his hard ****, so I stopped and went over.
Got in the car next to him and without saying anything gave him a good *******... Then I undressed, and he played with
my boobies and my *****...
We then moved out of the car, walked between the trees and ******. A few other guys got out of their cars and turned up to watch and

I so loved it...
Akwagrll Akwagrll 51-55, F 151 Responses Dec 19, 2011

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Kinky! Very exciting story!!

what a turn on

good story love having sex out doors

:-) Thats a very intriguing story ! Loved it....

Love ******* outdoors!

sounds like a place near me x

You had your chance to get a few hours of gang ******* and you one had one **** inside you. Next time just close your eyes and keep your legs spread and you'll get the ******* of your life, perhaps a few hours of non-stop ***** working your *****.

Great story how guy taken at once

******* hot!!

So hot! Wish I'd been in that parking lot that day...

what a hot story ... would love to see your pics and read more of your "doings" !

that is super hott, where have you been my life and how do I find a women like that in my neck of the woods?

mmmm i love a woman into dogging. i defiantly would have joined in and licked you clean afterwards

Wow, it is women like you to make the world go around. Every man fantasizes every day of meeting up with someone just like you somewhere. Very, hot, wonderful, and naughty little lady :)

you really know how to go for it.

So ******* HOT

Tat guy was me! (in my dreams) please add me And my ****

That is lovely

Wow! hope he wore a condom :P

I never experienced, but this would be a good experience to go for stranger for satisfy your hunger.

Wish i lived near you ...please add me as friend...guess thats as close as im gonna get


I have enjoyed a few such meetings. Your experience really turns me on.

Would you have allowed the masturbaters to **** you if they tried? Did you ******?

That sounds so fun. Mmm.

I think that you are wonderful.

Love your story. You are one hot lady.

What a hot and sexy story , did everyone watch you ? and did you ever go back for more ?

Wow, this is so hot!

Interesting fantasy.