I Was A Cumslut As A Child...

I have always enjoyed having sex all my life and it didn't matter if it was a woman or a guy. When younger I  was always fascinated with my mom's panties. I would lick the crust off of them and my older sister pair too. I had a bra and panties that I took from my neighbor and would wear it in my room when no one was home. It made me feel like a girl with **** lol. Then I was 10 and I started to explore my ***** ability of getting hard all the time and shooting out ***. I would ********** on my panties and bra and licked it off. But one day my mom found it hidden in one of my toy boxes after that I never had one in my room again. So I been swallowing my *** ever since. Not to long after that I had my first **** experience. One day in a public bathroom a man was standing in the next urinal. I thought he was peeing but he was actually ************ I couldn't keep my eyes off of his huge **** compared to mine at the time since I was maybe 10. He turned to me and asked if I wanted to touch it. I was a little nervous at first but I held it in my hands and it was so big and hard. He said if I wanted to see it *** and with out hesitation I said yes. Here I was ************ some strangers **** and every now and then I would put it in my mouth. I been ************ him for several minutes and I told him I wanted to taste his *** cause I like drinking mine. So he took me into one of the toilet stalls and had me sit on the toilet. He then took my head and shoved his **** into my mouth and told me to go up and down on it.
A few minutes later I felt his hot load squirt into my mouth. He wouldn't let go of my head but I had no choice but to swallow it all down. Later that day I couldn't help feeling how much I liked it and how I wanted to do it again. I met this stranger twice more after that and he knew I wanted to suck his **** and swallow his *** again. I never told anyone about the man, his **** and my thirst for ***. Boy I was a little *** queen back then lol. It wasnt long after that he would bend me over and slide his big **** up my tight *****. At first it would hurt going in but little by little I was able to take it all up my ***. And I loved it that I was being ****** like a woman at such a young age. I knew he was about to *** and then I felt all his load go deep inside of me. As I walked back home I can feel the *** drip from my swollen *****.
cumslutannie cumslutannie
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Today I fulfilled a fantasy of having sex with an older man and him being a total complete stranger I met him on craigslist he's 68 I'm 30 his **** was so big he ****** me so good he ate my ***** so good I just got home and now I want more and more and more I want him to dig me out that bad thing is I know its wrong and I kinda feel guilty

I would luv to feel *** running down my legs

I got my first taste of *** at 13 from my 13 year old best friend. Not long after he took my anal cherry. I was monogamous with him until high school graduation. I joined the military and whew! The *** /**** **** just came out in me:)

The thought of *** dripping from butt ,so nice !

Love your story.

you made that sound very exiting ! had one opportunity when i was 12 ,but he didn't come inside me .

At 10 all I was doing was shopping for panties and telling the shop girl its for my sisters birthday!

wow pllease add me i would love to learn more ans see your photos.

Wait,what????? Wow, are you a guy or a girl? I don't even know lol.

I'm glad you are the way you are because I'm like you in a lot of ways!!! I suck other peoples ***** all the time. I would like to lick and suck your ***/***** and jack you off. I want to trade *** with you. You're pretty and want to be queer with you. I love looking at your pics and J/O to them!!!

Hi sweetie... am glad my pics can help you unload your juices. Which I would love to swallow for you. I also would love to have some naughty sex with you it would be fun xoxo

I sooo badly want to ravish you!!! You make me wild with want and lust!!!

Yes I did... I did have my mouth on their little ***** yummm.

That is super hot. Did you play with other boys?

I'm so jealous. Do you get your clitty sucked a lot? I would love to!!!

i have suck some in restroom in the park...so i know what it was like.

Would you like to taste mine?

You had a great childhood it sounds. Wish I'd have been in that stall with you.

A vivid desc<x>ription of your introduction to ***********. So arousing.

got me *******

Hmmmm, that is a lovely experience.... HOTTTTTT....

darn...i wish i cud just prance into any old public mens room whenever i wanted n c all the guyz using the urinals n ask if i can drink all their yummy *** if they wanna use me insted!

am glad you liked my childhood adventures of cumslutannie. i did a lot of **** sucking in mens restrooms when I was younger lol.

i done sum but i cant alwayz go in there just cuz i wanna suck sum **** lol...i dunno maybe i shud anyway =D

Yes you should

Yes and yes

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SO HOTTT!!! Reminds me off what a little **** and *** **** I was!!!

You are so hot!

my teacher started me of becoming a *** queen all ways love taste our the felling of having a man in side my ***** going to publics toilet can so much fun sum time

ummm great story annie, I too started young. I sooo love having a **** in me, *** or throat!!

wow you did start early.. I got alittle confused when you said my ***** but it all got figured out in the end.lol. I have suck **** before but never had one in my ***. Dont know if I want to

Yes I did start early in my life... but the first time in my ***** *** I was hooked.

Yes I remember my first time taking it in my sss/***** from a tranny. That was over 25 years ago. To this day it was the most mind blowing experience of my life!!! Guess that is why I enjoy being a bottom so much!!!!

I love that squishey feeling of a nice load of *** in my *** and dripping out into my panties and jeans.<br />
I would laugh and think what a slutty thing I had just done! :))))

I love going to work all squeaky clean with the exception of my slippery *****. The feeling of my boyfriends *** dripping out of my boipussy into my panties while I work is great!