Online Encounter With A Couple Of Strangers

This is a true story and happened when I was 38 and had posted an add on a local social website saying I was well hung and wanting to play with another couple. To my pleasant surprise I got a response back from John, a 50 year old man, telling me to send him a pic of myself nude for him and his 45 year old wife, Anne, to look at. This time John called me back and asked me to come on over that night to meet him and his wife for some fun. All he told me about her was that she loved to suck ****.

I arrived at 7:30pm and Anne opened the door. She was short haired blonde, slim, about 5' 4", and wore only a long tshirt, that just barely covered her ***** and ***. The lights were dim and I followed her into the bedroom where John lay naked holding a 6" woody. Anne told me to take my clothes off as she had by now removed her tshirt and was about to suck on John's ****. She had a shaved ***** and medium sized perky titts. By the time I had my boxers off I was rock hard as I had been drawling over Anne's *** while she was bending over to suck on her husband's ****.

I knelt behind her to lick her wet ***** and rim her ***. She seemed to like it and didn't mind me proding her rose bud with my finger and tounge. John took a break and sat up to watch the foreplay that I was starting on with his wife. He also looked at my 7.5" rock hard **** and told Anne she was missing out on a tasty ****. She turned around and sat on the edge of the bed next to her husband and began to blow me. It was a wild experience to be blown by a total stranger with her husband right nearby watching and starting, and I felt very much in control. Anne was having the time of her life with my **** as it clearly was bigger than her hubby's.

I felt my **** building up pressure but didn't quite want to *** just yet. I really wanted to **** Anne badly and wanted to see how well she liked being ******. I told John that we both needed to **** Anne together and he concurred. John layed back down on the bed and I told Anne to ride him. Once she was on him I told her to let me feel her ***. As she rode John I got to finger her butt and also rub Johns balls. I couldn't take it much longer so got on the bed as well and penetrated Anne's *** with my solid ****. She was now being sandwiched by us two men. I shot my load into her warm ***.

As I pulled out, my cummed dripped down the crack of her *** and on to her husbands **** as he was still ******* her *****. It was wild! His **** was so wet and sticky. He told us he was about to *** and I told Anne to suck him dry. She turned around to finish John off and swallowed his load of ***, and licked my *** of his balls too.

Regretfully I never met up with them again.
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8 Responses Mar 1, 2012

A man after my own heart or ****, I would have loved it, if I could have been the fourth person, sucking and licking yours and John's balls as you fuckening her.

Excellent! I've never had an experience like that but hope to one day.

goddam that is hot, strangely I am the way I am so man to bad my wife turned into my mom she is a drag, lucky you

Was there a reason for no further hook ups? Just wondering.

Hot story. Sounds like great fun for all. Too bad it was just the one time....

great story

******* hot time! Love to hear how you broke it off in her *******!!

Too bad, they sound like a fun couple.