It Was So Weird...

This happened on 2007 while we were on Crete for holidays. I was 1 year married. It was one of the first days on the island, we were on a bar by the sea, very nice place that we liked to go there to have our first drink before going to the club. The place was crowed and the music was awesome. That night I was wearing the clothes appearing on my album with the title “Older pic (2007), dancing with friends”. This picture was not captured in Crete but the outfit is exactly the same.
We were in great mood, we found a good seat in the bar and we started to drink. My husband was touching and kissing me continuously. The bar man offered us many shots, so we decided to stay there and not going to a club. The drunker we got the more touching by my husband I was receiving, with was nice because I was in a very naughty mood. His hands were usually under my skirt, pressing my ***** over my panties, making me feel very hot. We didn’t care if people noticed us, we were drunk and the place was so crowded that we thought it would be hard for people to focus only on us.
Then... I saw a guy starring at me few meters away from us. He looked quite tall, dark hair and skin, the type of men that I like. So, I also started to look at him. After some time.. Another round of tequila shots arrived. I started to feel dizzy and soon I felt my husband’s finger trying to enter inside me. I told him that it’s not a good idea but he ignored me and he started slowly to enter inside me. I had my back on him, his hand was fingering me from behind and his view was the same as mine. I don’t know how my face was look like but I am sure I wasn’t able to hide all this.
Soon, I was all wet, quite comfortable with the touch of my husband who was keeping my ***** busy most of the time. He noticed a man that was staring at us. I guess many people were looking at us but he was looking in a weird rude way. So he proposed me to give some performance for him. He continued fingering me and I pretended I receive too much to handle. You know.. some face expressions that show small amounts of pleasurable pain that can’t be avoided.. :) and while doing that I noted the first, handsome man I mentioned before, walking next to us looking directly to my eyes...
He returned to his seat, he was with some other men and he continued looking at me from time to time. While my husband was playing with me, I couldn’t stop thinking of having sex with that stranger. Then… another round of tequila shots and.. that’s it! I had to go out, to get some fresh air and to visit the ladies’ room. I could hardly walk so I needed to feel some water on my face to get better.
I left my husbanded and headed to the ladies’ room. It was so full so I had the idea to visit the other ladies room that people use during the day when the bar is operating as beach bar. Before entering to that small building I heard a voice from behind. It was that man that followed me. After exchanging name’s and some basic info about us he asked if my man was my boyfriend. After responding that he was my husband, he was surprised because I was too young to be married and he said that it’s not fair to belong to only one man! I thanked him for the compliment, I felt uncomfortable, I knew that this may end in a way I don’t want it too, so I said that I have to hurry because my husband was awaiting for me, and I entered inside the small building with the ladies room. He followed...
Wrong room I said to him, I know he responded. He came close to me, he caught in the waist and he pressed his body over me. I said to him that he should stop, he responded by groping my ***. I tried to stop him…. I pretended I wanted to stop him. I so desperately wanted to be ******, all this fingering from my husband made me wanting more than just a finger..
He pushed me on the wall and started kissing my neck, grabbing my breast and then grabbing my *****. Soon I felt his **** trying to enter inside me. I managed to say no before he entered inside me. He entered so easily… I was so wet.. and I felt so good.. his erection was very... satisfying.. he ****** me hard for some minutes.. I felt like a toy in his hands.. he was telling how slutty I am.. and that he will return me to my husband completely ******... this gave me bad feelings and the same time he brought me to the edge of climax... then I felt him moving faster and stronger… he was about to finish… he said.. that he will return me to my husband ****** and full of ***... again.. I managed to whisper just a “no” before starting to feel his *** inside me... seconds later.. while thinking that I was full of *** I reached my own climax...
He stopped, but he was still inside me. I said that this was all wrong. He kissed me. He said that I should not feel guilty because my husband putted me in this situation. For some reason, I felt better. He said that it was his best sex experience and wanted to meet me again. I said that I don’t know, I am not sure etc and then he got out and reentered inside me asking the same question. This happened 2 – 3 times so I promised we will come back in 2 nights.. he got out of me and he put my panties back. He said to me to come back with him, I told him I should stay in the ladies room to wash myself a little... he said that he promised me to deliver me to my husband full of ***. He then told me that my husband was so drunk that it would be impossible to understand what happened. I was so drunk that I accepted his request. I returned to my man, I felt so slutty.. so guilty.. but also exciting like the story was moving on...
I felt my panties all wet.. then I felt my husband’s hand on my *****.. you are too wet he said.. you made me I responded... you must **** me really hard when we return to our room... he continued playing with ***** for some more time.. I felt weird.. my ***** was sore.. I asked him to leave and go home.
We went home and he ****** me hard.. while ******* me I was thinking of what happened before... my husband was ******* me while my ***** had the seed of another man.. I felt such a big ****.. I loved it…
He finished.. we both slept.. next morning I felt my ***** so sore.. and.. that smell… I went to the shower to clean myself a bit. He also got up, both we were a bit dizzy probably from the drinks… we went to the beach were we slept again….
I have never seen that guy. I didn’t keep my promise to return to that bar in 2 days time..
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well i envy your husband and that lucky guy

Wow!!! I don't know if this is true or not.. but amazing, u must an angel of hell!!!! Loved the way you expressed!!

Dangerous girl you!

This is one of the sexiest stories ive read in ep!! Was that man greek??

Sexy beasts! Hahaha

All while your husband was still there .. such a bad girl! DAMNNNNNNNN

If I was your husband I would have liked hearing about it, so long as we had a good foundation in our relationship and that I felt like I would never lose you. I think it's very hot. And no, I'm not gay nor do I have a small ****, and I'm actually young and attractive, lmao. I'm just very open minded and the thought of someone I love enjoying themselves gets me off. Unfortunately most relationships are fragile because you can't say what you really think or feel without hurting someones feelings. The right people together can make something special but not many people are mature enough or secure enough to be able to be honest about what they want or how they feel or hearing the same from the one they're with - thereby settling for what they have. It's complicated, but let's just say that if I was married to you I would treasure you, would always love you, and would do everything in my power to give you the best experiences life can offer so you could live life without regrets. Don't beat yourself up about not telling him, he probably wouldn't have been able to handle it and your feelings (sexual desires are just as important as any other feeling) wouldn't matter. Hakuna Matata


Erotic story, I am sure we have all fantasised about a stranger in a pub/club/restaurant.

spontaneous sex was very urgent and exciting,sometimes a little naughty is called for. Can always get off thinking about the adventure. Great story, can I please see your photos.

Do you have regrets about it?

I was in the same situation. But from the man's side.) I never saw her again. And don't know her name... And can't ask her..

Did you ever tell your husband?

Have you ever cheated on him again?

don't ever tell him as he will not stay with you!! he clearly isn't what you want in bed so all i can say is **** **** ****!! maybe a huge black watching it going inside your white *****, its the risks and thrills is what you want? think about the black man coming and the thought of getting pregnant the thrill and panic!! you only live once!! go online and find massive ***** n see how much man you can take!! talk to your husband about trying for a baby n then start letting men **** you without protection! maybe even black men if you fancy a black baby stretching out that white *****!! then watch Ur husbands face as he realizes! or white men and your hubby wouldn't ever know?? the thrill... maybe that's to far?? invite a big **** only gang-bang n see how many men you would **** in one nite!! train your mind to see men as ***** and not people! train your mind to think more of you as a ***** that whats ****! train your mind think 80 percent with your *****!! to dress with legs out no matter what weather or push boundary with clothing like see through white tops with no bra! sit opposite a handsome man and bed over knowing he is looking!! maybe start out small like the pizza dare ;)... or plumber dare? maybe invite 5 men over in one day at different times! a man for a **** at 8am then tell him Ur busy at 11 then another at 12 then another at 4pm then another at 8pm then 12 and see how well you cope with a whole day of **** take a picture of your sore ***** and send it to Ur husband with a message saying (been thinking of you) maby go into town with some bits of paper saying follow me for a **** and any man you flirt with that flirts back lead him off ;) train your mind! NO1 you need to put your ***** before yourself! 2 **** before your husband (UNLESS RISK OF BEING CAUGHT! your thoughts over others!! YOU ARE NO LONGER A LADY YOU ARE A ***** THAT WANTS BIG ***** !! YOU ****** THOUGHT NOT YOURS!! THANKYOU AND GOODNITE

Wow! You are naughty! Love It! X

Wow why would you do something so wrong and than put it online you kept a promise with him really umm didn u promise your husband when you married him you would only have eyes for him. What if he did this to you had sex with another women how can you be proud of this everyone hear congratulating you are u serious I feel so bad for your husband and you who you gave up your body so easily I wish you the best in your marriage and confess to your husband may god bless you and your marriage

What a beautifully slutty thing to do. Did your husband ever find out?

Wow, great experience for you and the stranger. And your husband very lucky man to have you any day of your choseing. You are such a lovely lady.

great story... would you do that again?

A great sexual adventure,filled with strange coc k that you will never forget

You made me hard as I read about you letting him inside you....

That was a great story! Your profile pic looks good, yet kind of blurry!

You can better control yourslef sexy? Does this mean you no longer do this?? :-)

Amazing story! and yes, this must be one of teh best stories here!!! Wish i was the guy there to have entered you! Did you ever tell hubby? Ever done this again sweets?

I met a women at a restrunt she strok my ego, she was very beautiful. Why she wanted an older man makes no sence she could have had any man. I know it was wrong I am married, I wasnt drunk, but she drove me crazy. We made love all about 10 min when I felt over whelming gilty. Some days I wish I stayed and made love, others I wish I ketp my pants on.

Wow what a fantastic story

nice *****

very hot and well written

Hot, slutty and sexy!

I like this story, really turned me on. Lucky stranger! I would **** you again and again.

very hot and sexy story filled with naughty passion ...I look forward to reading more from you

He did put you in the situation. I'd have ****** the guy without guilt. I love to be watched too, but leaving you "not satisfied"! I think I'd have led my husband to a corner and straddled him, taking him inside you, finishing what he started so a stranger didn't need to. But then I love being ****** and filled with *** be someone I'll never see again.

hot story

That s a real nice story and by the way I love Russian married women they are very outgoing and passionate at sex, would like you to add me and let me know you better