Used By A Stranger

Hello everyone. If you have read any of my previous stories you know what type of girl I am and that I like older men and don't mind giving my body to strangers. I thought I would share one of my favorite experiences I had with a stranger.

It was last summer on a tuesday in june, a month before the summer holidays. I really didn't feel like going to school that day and went back to sleep. When my dad woke me up a bit later and asked if I had overslept I told him that all my lessons had been cancelled today and I was free. I knew that he knew I was lying but he thinks I am old enough to make my own choices and school has never been a problem for me. I guess as a punishment though, he told me since I was free the whole day I might as well be of use and go pick up a new door knob for our shower door and while I was at the store, some other stuff he lacked.

It was warm outside and I love dressing challenging and sexy. I chose a short pair of jeansshorts which covers just enough to not reveal my butt cheeks and a white top which shows about one third of my stomach, thong but no bra.

I got to the store around noon after a 30 minute trip by bus. The store in question is building store which sells everything from bathrooms to wood to work machines and is big. The store was quite empty and I set out to find the first item on the list I got from dad.

As I was navigating towards the first item I noticed a man in his forties looking at me and I got a bit surprised as he kept looking at me instead of turning his gaze elsewhere which most men do when I look their way. I smiled to myself, enjoying that he had been checking me out and kept walking, although I swung a bit extra with my hips knowing that he was looking at me.

I managed to find the right section for whatever I was searching but couldn't find the right brand and there were a lot of them. As I stood there searching I saw the man walking down the same lane as I was in. I ignored him and kept searching and it looked as if he was just going to pass me by, but as he did, the outside of his hand swept across my ***. The lane wasn't small so I knew he he had touched me and tried making it look as if his hand had accidentally touched me while he was walking by.

He had stopped perhaps 2 meters away from me looking at some products. I could feel him casting looks at me and at one point I gazed back at him. I had a hard time determining his age, he could be young looking 50 year old or someone in his early forties. He was quite plain, a bit more muscular than the average body type with a bit of stomach, short brown hair, slightly taller than the average. Nothing special with other words, I gave him a smile and kept searching.

He came up to me asked and asked politely if I needed help. I knew he was interested and his glances had already made me a bit wet. I told him I would love him to help me out and gave him a smile. He walked past me again to come to my right side and again I could feel the outside of hand stroking against my *** but this time the touch was a lot heavier and it was clear he had done it on purpose. It really turned me on that he was so eager and interested. Still, I ignored it as if nothing had happened and showed him the list with the product I was looking for. I held the list close to my stomach and offered him a free peak down my top as he stood over me pretending to look down on the list.

He asked for the list so he could get a better look and as he reached down to grab it, his hand "accidentally" made contact with my breast on its way to the list. I started to get really turned on by the fact that he in a way was molesting me. I saw him looking at me to see how I would react but I kept going as if nothing had happened and gave him a smile. He returned the list and then pointed further down the lane and said he thinks it is there.

I started walking down the lane and swung my hips a bit extra and I knew he was looking at my *** when he followed. When I stopped he walked past me again but didn't touch me this time and I became a bit worried that I had played too passively and he had given up. I was really horny now and wanted him to **** me. I could sense he was growing a bit frustrated with my lack of reactions and I decided it was time to let him know I was his to take.

I turned around, looked him in the eyes and told him I really appreciated his efforts and help and was there anything I could do to return the favor I would gladly do so while giving him a big smile. He looked around to see if there was anyone nearby and then placed his hand on my hip and said "perhaps we can work something out". I was soaking wet by now and answered him "I am sure we can".

That was all the signal he needed as he dropped his hand from my hip to my ***, carefully looking at how I reacted but when all I did was look back at him all his hesitation was blown away. He squeezed my *** and said "I knew you were a *****", I said nothing and just bit my lip a bit, I was so turned on by the situation, I love feeling nasty and cheap and he clearly thought of me as such. He moved his second hand to my *** and was now in full action molesting my body. I moaned lowly. He took his right hand to my boob and squeezed it, I kept looking him in the eyes as he was doing it. My nipples were stiff by now and were slightly visible through my shirt. He took my right nipple between two of his fingers and squeezed it a bit, he looked me in the eyes and I kept starting back at him which must have given him encouragement as now he started squeezing it hard and I gasped as I took a deep breath as pain mixed with lust but I did nothing to stop him.

He smiled as kept squeezing it and then stopped and let go, leaving me with a pulsing pain in my nipple. "Come, let's go" he said, no longer in a polite tone but very commanding. I asked him "where?", he just looked at me as if I was dumb and said "Somewhere I can **** you ****" I was about to explode of lust, I was so turned on by his boldness and all I did was nod my head. "Good, head for the exit then and swing those hips like a **** just as you did before" he said. I was a bit shocked over how he had turned from mr nice to such a savage, but I definitely didn't mind. As I walked past him, he gave my *** a hard slap and said "swing them". I swung my hips a lot on my way to the exit and a few men definitely stared at me. The man was walking behind me and I didn't have to guess to know what he was looking at.

From the exit he led me to his car and I jumped in. I was about to ask him where we were going again but he saw I was about to say something and interrupted me and said "Don't talk *****", I swallowed my words and when I sat there quietly he started driving. I was soaking wet and extremely horny, and a tiny bit frightened as well over the situation. I sat quietly and looked forward as he was driving too mixed up in thoughts to pay any attention. I normally never follow a man I haven't talked to a bit before to somewhere and the other times I had ****** a stranger it was usually in their car or somewhere close to the public. A small voice in the back of my head kept telling me this is bad but too no avail, I was too turned on by now.

I looked at him and first now I noticed his *****. It was quite clear that he was definitely bigger than the average and that turned me on even more. He saw me looking at his ***** and grinned, "don't worry *****, you'll have plenty of this." We drove for perhaps 15 minutes and were on a country road leading out from the city when he turned into a small dirt road heading into the woods. It kept going for 15 seconds and then came to an end in a small circle.

He stopped the car said "get out". I obeyed and met him in front of the car. He stood a meter away from and you clearly see his ***** through his pants. "I want to see the **** teaser naked" he said in a commanding voice. I threw a glance over the car towards the country road which was still quite close and visible and saw a car drive past. I was a bit hesitant to be naked when anyone who looked into the the dirt road while passing would see me and the thought of someone coming was adding to that. Those thoughts quickly passed when he said again in a stern voice "Now, ****"

I pulled my top over my head and then looked him in the eyes. I could see by the way he was looking at me that I was only a fucktoy to him and that made me so horny I thought I would have an ****** before he even touched me. My nipples were stiff and before I had time to pull my shorts down, he closed the gap between us and this time took my left nipple between two of his fingers. He looked me in the eyes, “tell me what you are”. I knew what he wanted me to say and normally I don’t have any problem calling myself a ***** or **** if men like it, but for some reason I couldn’t do it know while looking into his eyes. I dropped my gaze and mumbled “a *****”. “Look me in the eyes and tell me again more clearly”, he commanded. It was so humiliating and at the same time it made me insanely horny. I looked him in the eyes and told him this time clearly, “a *****”. “That’s right, and you deserve to be treated like a *****” he said and then squeezed my nipple hard, harder than what he had done to my right nipple.

Pain shot through my mind but if I had been wet before I was now leaking. It turned me on that he didn't mind putting me in pain as long as it pleasure him. I moaned and bit my lip but otherwise did nothing and I could feel him study my face while he was squeezing. All of a sudden he let go and said “now the shorts”. I quickly obeyed and pulled down both my thong and shorts in one go. I was so horny by now I was sure I was going to ******, the situation was so hot and I told myself I’ll do whatever he wants. He looked between my legs and saw I was dripping, “You are one nasty little ****"

He came forward against and squeezed my *** cheeks and spread them apart. I could feel his ***** against my stomach and I all I wanted was for him to shove into one of my holes. After he had squeezed my *** for a few seconds, he put a hand on my head and pushed me down on my knees. He undid his belt and pulled his pants down and let his **** out. As I had thought it was bigger than the average, probably around 17-18 cm and quite thick. “Do you want this *****?” he said in a degrading tone which excited me. “Yes” I said looking him in the eyes. He took a grip of my hair and pulled me slowly towards his meat. I opened as wide as I could and felt as he entered my mouth. The taste was wonderful, I love ****, I could taste his precum. He kept pushing until he reached the start of my throat. About 1/3 of his **** was inside my mouth. “It is going all the way down , ****” and when I did nothing or said anything he started pushing again.

I am good sucker which has come from a lot of practice and his **** wasn’t bent in a weird way so I had no problems taking it down. He started working a rhythm with my face and I gasped for air whenever I could. He started shoving it down all the way in a fast push and then held it there until I started having problems breathing and tears started running. His moans made me eager to keep going and I ignored the tears and the discomfort.

After 5 minutes of this, he pulled me up and said “bend over the car”. I laid myself over the car. “*** up in the air”, I pushed my butt as high as I could. I heard him take off his pants, “Do you want me to **** you soar you nasty *****?” he asked. “Yes please” I answered and I sincerely meant it. I could feel his manhood against my opening and then he slowly pushed it all in. I shuddered of pleasure and let out a moan. “that’s right, moan you ****”.

He started ******* me, hard and long shoves. He started working up a fast tempo and pain and pleasure mixed as he pumped me. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and started slapping my *** with the other one. When the third slap hit my ***, I had a strong ******, shivers ran throughout my body and I became boneless and had he not held my hair, my head would have dropped hard against the car. He kept pumping me throughout my ****** and kept going for a bit then suddenly pulled out.

It was as if all my power had vanished and I had a problem staying on my feet. He pulled me down on my knees again. “Clean me, *****”. I started sucking him but it wasn’t long before his hands were back on the back of my head forcing his whole length down. I could taste my juices blending with his precum and meat and loved the taste.

He was breathing heavily as he shoved his **** up and down my throat and I thought he was close when he pulled out. “on all four” he said and I obeyed. He sat down on the hood of the car for a while and just looked down on me where I stood on hands and knee in the dirt “That’s where you belong you ****” he said in a mocking tone.

Again a wave of humiliation ran over me and again it turned me on badly. I kept on standing on all four but I couldn’t bare looking at him so I stared into the woods. Yet, I loved every second of it. He came towards me after a while and went behind me. He squeezed my *** cheeks and spread them apart. As I stood there on all four with a man I had met 30 minutes ago squeezing my *** I felt happy. I really cannot explain it but it does make me happy to get used.

He gave me a hard spank on my *** and said “Time for the final, *****”. “You are a good *****, aren’t you?” he asked to which I only nodded. “You’re going to swallow every drop when I come, do you understand” and again I nodded but this time he gave me another hard slap on my ***. “Do you understand?” and this time I replied “yes”.

He shoved his **** into me again and started pounding hard, it didn’t take long before he pulled out, grabbed my hair and directed his **** into my mouth. He let out a sigh of relief as *** filled my mouth. I love ***, I love the taste and it symbolize that I have been a good girl and satisfied the man. It make me feel like I have accomplished something when a man ******. He didn’t shove his chock down my throat but let it all out in my mouth. He started pulling out and I made sure my lips were tightly sealed around his **** so I didn’t spill a drop. After he had pulled out “Now show me you *****” I bent my head back and opened my mouth and I could see his how horny it made him. “Swallow it” and I willingly did.

He shoved his still hard **** down my throat a few times before it went loose and then said “Get dressed *****, I am done with you”. I picked up my clothes from the dirt and put them on. I was going into the car when I saw in the window that I had makeup smeared all over my face. I couldn’t go back to the store like this and then by bus home again.

I begged him if he could drive me right home and it was a relief when he agreed to do so. During the 35 minute drive to my home, my lips were constantly around his **** and I swallowed another load. I told him to drop me off 150 meters away from the neighborhood I live in because I didn’t want him to know where I lived. I got out of the car and he drove away. Last thing I saw or heard of him and to this date I still don’t know his name.

The only downside of that day was that I had to do the dishes when I told my dad I hadn't been to the store and shopped the things he wanted.
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