Best Sex Ever With Stranger

I just got out of a relationship that was sexless, though I never said I wanted to abstain. I found out that the guy had lied to me for the entire relationship and that he had cheated on me, so I was done.

Normally, I don't have a very high sex drive. However, every once in a while, it strikes, and lately (maybe because of the breakup, I don't know), it's been raging.

I did something a little risky and found someone on Craigslist. Though I knew I was taking a risk, I made sure to take precautions.

This guy checked out fine. He was really hot (which I wasn't expecting), and further, the sex was awesome! He was so giving, and he kept in mind everything we had talked about including going slow at the beginning and different things we wanted to do. It ended up being really intense, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I've never had a climax during sex until I had sex with him. We were a bit rushed because of time constraints (we're both really busy), but he started so soft and sweet, kissing me tenderly, playing with my chest and rubbing me all over. He went down on me, and I'd never felt so good with oral in my life. He ate me out so passionately and when he finally penetrated me, for the first time, I felt no pain because I was ready. We probably went at it for about 30 - 40 minutes, and we were both soaking wet when we were done. That out-of-breath, nerves firing, skin tingling, toes curling feeling.

I regret nothing about it - we took precautions and stayed safe. It's not likely that I'll take such a risk again, since I know I got really lucky on this first time. Neither one of us want a relationship right now, but we're talking about FWB, which is really all I want. I just had to write this down somewhere in a place where I'm somewhat-anonymous because I'm still on cloud 9!

LilithFox03 LilithFox03
May 18, 2012