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***-flashing Camper

The party was in full swing as our group arrived back to our Kelowna campsite. It was a long weekend and we'd been out drinking that day. We just joined the party. I was there less than five minutes when I noticed a 20-something woman lifting up her shirt and showing her **** to any men that would notice. As she did, she yelled out "Look at these!"
The men just sort of half paid attention to her.
I wandered over and watched and waited, with a big grin pasted on my mug. She must have known what I was thinking because right away she gave me a good eyeful of her beautiful, full, round breasts. I enjoyed how she shook them up and down, and seeing the nipples point out the way they did made my groin ache.
I gave a big whoop to let her know I liked what I saw. She laughed heartily and gave me an encore. The animal in me took over. I put my arms around her, lifted her up and carried her to my tent, about 100 feet away. She yelled no a few times but her giggling and laughing told me she was enjoying it all. This was exactly what she wanted. And me too.
We dove into my sleeping bag and I immediately started kissing her deeply on the mouth. Soon we were both out of our clothes and we were rolling around, enjoying each other. I was playing with those beautiful **** and her hot ***** while she frantically stroked my hard ****. She kissed and sucked each delicious part of her perfect body. It didn't take us too long before we were frantically screwing each other. We spent the night ******* like rabbits, me on top, then her on top. The night ended with us enjoying a deep, penetrating spoon, me ******* her doggie style, all the while cupping her ***** in my hands, tracing circles around her **** as she bucked against me. Finally I couldn't hold back and as she came, my hard **** spilled its love juice deep inside her pleasure canal.
She was probably 20 or 21, but I remember wondering if she was a virgin. Her ***** felt so young and tight, the first time we ****** I had to hold myself back from ******* right away. When I did ***, it took me little time to get my mojo back for another round of fun, slip-sliding myself into her juicy, snug love-hole.
Next morning I had to leave early to travel back to Calgary, and she was returning to Vancouver, so we had ourselves a sad, awkward goodbye after our steamy, passionate night together.
After she left, I discovered her panties tucked into fold of my sleeping bag. I wanted to keep them as a memento, but knew my girlfriend would have objected. Such fond memories. I wonder whatever happened to her?
VanIslandman VanIslandman 51-55, M 4 Responses Jun 29, 2012

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UR story got me hard

Yeah it's a fond memory. She was some hot kitten in the sack,let me tell you.

Well written. Mentioning the gf was kind of a buzzkill -like a bucket of cold water.

Oh I don't know about that. I like knowing that after all that hard-pumping fun with a stranger, he gets to go home to a girlfriend who won't know the real reason he smiles so much... =)

Apologies for the buzz kill. As much as I'd have liked to keep her trophy panties, it just wasn't to be. That's all.

That was very hot! Camping sex and blow jobs by the fire are ******* amazing!❤️

Something tells me you'd be at least as much fun to spend a night with!

Oh baby, you are so right! It would be a night you would never forget!❤️ Heeheehee

glad to read your making new friends.