Wish I Had Got Her Name

Last night I decided to take a drive to cool off since it was so humid out. All I was wearing was shoes and shorts. I had the AC cranked as I started driving around. It was 3am so know one was out...at least that is what I thought. Just as I was leaving the city limits I saw someone ahead of me walking. I slowed down, rolled down the window, and asked if she needed a ride. She bent down to look in, she was sweating, looked at me and said sure.

She got in and I asked where she was headed. She got this little grin and said "your pants". I responded back that if she wanted I could pull over and ***** but she would have to do the same. She told me to do it then. I pulled over, we both stepped out and ********, and then got back in the car.

I then asked that since we were naked did she want to screw. She said yes and immediately started sucking my ****, I finally had to pull over. When I did she got out and laid herself up on the hood. I came around behind her and started pounding her *****. I was about to *** and I think she knew it because she reached back, grabbed my hard ****, and slid it in her ***. I immediately blew my load all up in her. She went around, grabbed her shirt, and wiped my **** off and then started sucking again. I was immediately hard again and within minutes blew my load all over her face and ****.

We both got back in the car naked and I proceeded to drive again. After about ten minutes we came to a small town where she told me to turn a couple times. She got out, said thanks, and then took off between a couple houses...naked. Her clothes were still with me. Kinda wish I had gotten her name now!
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Jul 1, 2012