I Am Unemotionally Aattached

So I am datin this guy off n on for 3 yrs I have a few playtoys in diffrent parts of ky and oh n today I went to see my angel while he was at work cutting tabacco . I am new to watching and learning about tabacco n they keep wanting me to help and I could but id probly just end up watching angel work. When he got off the tractor today I got so wet just looking at him he has gotten so dark n his chest is so profound n the stomach n he's wearin these faded jeans that hang so well on his *** I just wanted to **** him there in the feild and I almost did besides the fact that everyone knew what we wanted to do cause I kept kissing and touching him then this other man asks if I wanted him and I really wanted to say yes I want them both in the barn I want to be shared if I could have all my play toy boys at 1 time that's the ultimate fantasy now I haven't actually had sex with or even seen angels **** but I. Felt it today and he's only 18 n I'm 29 manny is a freak and he loves anal but won't lick me n tony will lick n does it how I like so I've. Decided to just lose my emotions enjoy them all cause they will never share and now my husband whom I've been seperated for about 3 yrs wants in to why can't we all just share there is enough to go around I want to be the center of a group of men being animals giving me everything I NEED. Its about what I want not the men where is that perfect guy who will do it how I want and do everything
sandra82 sandra82
Sep 5, 2012