A Stranger No More

Five years into our marriage my wife and I agreed to invite a third person to join us in our sexual adventures both us seem to be ready for a 3sum. It was much harder than u think to ask someone to screw your wife with the year being 1985 and no internet to screen people u just had to ask straight up if u expected to get anyone. The first 3sum turned out to be a wmw when my wife and some co-workers went to a male ***** show and my wife brought her close friend from work who was divorced home and both of them jumped me since I was waiting for my wife to come home horny like always from these shows but before I knew it both were naked and stripping me of my clothes. I was overwhelmed and just hung on for the ride as both of them knew what they wanted as Laura climbed on my chest and pushed her sweet ***** down on my face while my wife finished sucking my rock hard **** and climbed aboard to take a ride so both ladies straddled me giving me their wet hot ***** like they were starved for sex. Laura pushed her ***** down on my face so hard it was tough to catch my breath but I licked her hot ***** holding my breath until I could catch a bit of air from time to time. IT was quite an evening as I licked both of them in the beginning and also finished our night by licking both clean leaving all of us satisfied. The 3 of us did this once more a couple weeks later but it caused some friction between Laura and my wife because her friend came on to be all the time and in front of others so I agreed with my wife to stop and we did. We both wanted to try a mwm 3sum to begin with so we made our second mistake inviting another one of her co-workers who was married and his wife worked in another department which never had business with my wife's department so she was never around. Scott was several years younger but his wife was older about the same age as mine and he always told the ladies in the office he liked his women somewhat mature when he dropped by each morning. Laura and my wife would chat with him sitting at their desk as he leaned against the half wall right in front of them. The 2 of them were crotch watching since he **** would swell during their conversations showing an outline of his thick meat which was entertainment the way they liked it. Scott wanted my wife in the worse way so he invited us over during the week on a Tuesday night since his wife was out of town it was just the 3 of us. The invite was to play a trival game which was the hot thing at the time. Once we began playing the stakes went up as we agreed to play the game by stripping an item of clothes if you answered wrong. Scott never answered another question right leaving him sitting naked on the sofa legs spread open giving my wife a clear view of his **** for the first time. I was the next one to lose my clothes with my wife down to her panties and bra being the winner but she agreed to play on after we ask for a chance to win our clothes back and a couple rounds later her undies joined ours in the floor as she sit naked in front of us asking what was next. Scott was roving all over her naked body staring at her as she teased him by bending over the table between us and also spreading her legs apart so he could view her beautiful bald ***** which he informed her how much he liked it being smooth. Her nipples stuck straight foward hard as marbles just wanting for a man to have his way with them. Her hand wanted to slip down etween her spread legs but she would just brush by her wet ***** restraing herself from working it she was so hot at this point. I answered her question about what was next by asking if they wanted to play one last round with the prize being the winner got to do whatever they wished for an hour with the other 2 playing along no questions asked. I won by the second round the prize was mine. I told my wife to join me on the sofa and sit between me and Scott with her joining us rubbing her long legs against us both as she slid between us. I kissed her before asking my wife to suck my hard **** causing her to lean over exposing her fine *** right in front of him as she swallowed my hard **** to the hilt right off. I made eye contact with our playmate and motioned for him to play with her *** and ***** while she gave me a *******. In seconds the sounds of him ************* her soaked ***** filled the room as she hiked her backside up even more giving Scott better access to her red hot *****. Minutes later I ask her to get on all fours on the sofa and moved in behind her and thrust my **** balls deep inside her from ehind causing my wife to let out a faint yelp from my ***** invasion and I never slowed a bit slamming my meat harder each time I thrust it inside her sweet honeyhole. I plowed her soaked ***** a good 5 minutes getting it so wet and hot it was time for Scott to slide his thick piece of meat she hd been crotch watching for over a year inside her steaming hole. I looked over to see him staring at her ***** while stroking his large **** so I pulled my 7 inch hard **** out of her love hole and stepped aside inviting him to replace me which he accepeted quick stepping in behind her and slid the head of his **** up and down her wet slit several times before sinking it into her waiting ***** until his entire 9 and a half extra thick piece of meat was inside her strecthed ***** leaving his balls resting against her swollen ****. He ****** her a good 25 minutes slowing at times to keep from shooting his load but with her giving it back to him as hard as he was giving it to her he could hold off no longer blasting the mother load deep inside her hungry **** until her love hole began overflowing from his hot ****. He ****** her once more before leaving him wanting even more of her asking if she would spend the night . Scott would **** her 3 more times but his feelings got out of control as he told my wife he was in love with her so it was over and done with at that moment even though he chased her another 6 weeks until we took a restraing order out on him leaving him heartbroken and sad. His wife divorced him and he lost his job but he would have anyway a few monthes later because the company went under which was a godsend to us since others began trying to get into her panties since the word was out. I invited a riend who I played ball with for a number of years next and he worked out great for five good years as the 3 of us became real comfortable with each other enjoying a number of sexual adventures during this period of time but in the end after his wife divorced him for staying out with us so much he got saved and broke it off leaving us kind of bummed out since it happened quick ending in a dead stop with him walking away saying it was wrong for us to be doing it from the start. After losing our one regular playmate we tried another ball playing friend who I almost had to guide his **** into her ***** he was so scared of her she rode him good fron and back before ending up on all fours sucking my **** as he plowed her hungry ***** with his thick **** with the mushroom head well into the evening. The very next day he broadcast our sexcapade to everyone ending any hope of him ever doing her again. My wife was irate with him and his loose tounge ending our sexual adventures for a period of time also before I found out a couple years later she was ******* her boss with his wife which I had never met calling me to inform me of their affair which both denied at first but after one day of denial my wife confessed and it ended right then and there. Both of us was soon depressed and did not seem to want to be around each other with both us being mule headed not giving an inch we were heading for a separation it seemed before I humbled myself not wanting to risk losing her asking if she wanted to open the communcation lines between us like it use to be bringing a smile to her face when I told her I would do whatever she wanted because I could not stand the thought of losing her. During the following 2 years we fell into a rut in our sex lives but she had to be the one to ask for change and to my surprise one day she did asking about does size make a difference with us agreeing there was only one way to find out for sure and that was to try it and see if it did. We agreed to find a stranger making sure his package was what she was looking for take him up to our hotel room and try him on for size. That was the way it happened or close to it and she hit the **** jackpot and the answer to the question is hell yes size does make a difference. Jeff gave her his 13 and a quarter inch in length and almost 7 inches round or girth or as thick as my wrist massive piece of meat telling her she was the very first woman he had been with who had taken him balls deep and was also the only lady who let him **** her the way he always wanted to **** a woman. He got her off countless times strecthing her ***** to its limit time and time again for 3 long hours the first time. Her ***** so so sore it was 3 weeks before he was able to drill her again strecthing her ***** even more until she was open enough to handle his slab of meat with ease and the 2 of them are still ******* on a regular basis over 20 years later. Damn best stranger she has ever met but he was always at home in her hot *****.
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Sep 6, 2012