Stranger On The Rocks

Becca, Lexi, Rachel and I went to Rocky Mountain National Park the first week of August. We hiked every day, enjoying the beautiful mountains, cool air and the aroma of the pine forest. She said she had a special plan for us the day that there would be a full moon in the evening. We drove to Bear Lake, and with our daypacks loaded, she said we were hiking to Emerald Lake which was a few miles up the gorge. There were 2 other lakes along the way, and we stopped frequently to enjoy the scenery.

We reached Emerald Lake and I was immediately taken by the dark blue of the water, completely calm as it lay between 2 steep ridges of rock. We chatted with some of the people there as well, and Becca suggested we hike to the back of the lake along a path that crossed over the rocks. It was a difficult walk but also a lot of fun. When we made it to the far end of the lake Becca then said we needed to climb up the rocky slope to an area that looked grassy. It was about 100 feet up or so, but gave us a panoramic view of the valley and the mountains below. We ate another snack and rested. Becca turned toward me and asked if I knew what else would be fun up here, and I said no. She said lets make love, and she opened her pack and mine and took out our jackets and laid them on the ground. She got down beside me and began kissing me. I saw Rachel stand up too, so imagined she and Lexi were following our lead. Making love was wonderful, lying in the open, feeling completely free and uninhibited. I don't know how long we made love, but I know Becca made me *** twice, and I think I did the same for her. I could hear Lexi and my daughter thoroughly enjoying each other beside us. Totally satisfied, we just lay there all together. Becca finally sat up, and laughed. She said there were two guys, apparently with binoculars, that had been watching us. Being the uninhibited person she is, Becca stood up and waved to them, totally naked except for her socks and boots. She sat back down and said she got their attention, and it looked like they were headed over out way. We all sat up, watching them work their way along the rocky path until they were directly below us. They quickly clamored up to us.

They were both probably in their early 20s, both had blond hair, and spoke with an accent that indicated they were Americans. They were Sven and Jakob, Norwegians who were traveling the US for the summer, hiking in the parks and touring the cities. Somehow it felt totally natural sitting here nude except for socks and boots talking to 2 strange guys. After about a half hour, Rachel and Becca began talking quietly to each other, and Becca asked Jakob if he would like to go explore some more. He said sure, and Becca, still naked stood up and took his hand. Rachel stood up too, and followed them further up the slope to some larger rocks. Sven shrugged his shoulders and moved over to the place they had been sitting between Lexi and I. There was a lot of laughter from the three that had walked off. Lexi reached over and began running her hand along Sven's leg, which he responded to by leaning toward her and putting his hand around her waist. She leaned into him, and rolled him onto his back next to me. They were kissing, and his hands were caressing her back and sides. Lexi reached over and grabbed me, pulling me toward them too. I started running my hands along Sven's side, and Lexi sat up and began tugging at his shirt, pulling it off over his head. I leaned in and began kissing him as Lexi moved down to his pants and began pulling them off as well. His hands found my breasts and he started playing with my nipples, which were already hard. I needed to reposition myself to be comfortable, and Lexi moved back up toward his head. His **** was semi-hard, so I took it in my hand and began sucking on the head. He wasn't too long, but was nice and thick, so my hand could not go all the way around it. It was big enough my mouth was stretched wide open to accommodate it. I was sucking him as hard as I could, and Lexi moved so she was straddling his head. She was rocking back and forth, moaning with excitement. I felt his hand on my butt, and reaching back, directed his fingers to my ***** which was wet. He had 2 fingers in me, pushing in and out as fast as he could. Lexi was panting beside me, and I knew she was about to ***. Sven moved his fingers around in me so he could now also rub my **** with his thumb as he fingered me. I heard Lexi gasp several times as he brought her to climax. In a couple of minutes, he raised up on one hip a little, and with a loud grunt, began shooting a gigantic load of *** in my mouth. I'm not sure how I swallowed it all, but with several gulps I managed. I lifted my leg over him into a 69 position, and he began licking my wet ***** and fingering me with renewed vigor. I let go of his ****, and Lexi took it in her hand. She swung over so she was straddling his waist, and pushed his waning **** into her *****. She began turning in small circles on him, getting him more aroused and back to fullness. I couldn't hold it any longer and I exploded with a wonderful ****** that made me shudder the entire length of my body. By this point Lexi was riding him hard, bouncing up and down on his stiffness and squeezing her breasts. Sven reached around for my breasts and began rubbing my nipples. He also resumed tongue ******* me, sucking all my *** from me. Lexi was audibly gasping as she rode him, and tossing her head back, she came again. It took a bit for him to reach another climax, but with a big thrust of his hips upward, he spasmed as he pumped *** deep into Lexi. She whimpered several times, as she probably had a smaller ******. Lexi lifted herself off him, and he concentrated on me, fingering me with 3 fingers and licking my ****. I had to lean forward to keep my balance as I started to *** again. Exhausted, I was finally able to lift myself off him and lay down. I glanced at my watch and noticed we had been ******* for over an hour and a half.

We heard laughter, which I recognized as Rachel, and looked up to see the three of them coming back toward us. Rachel was riding Jakob piggy back and Becca was carrying his clothes. What got my attention was the length of his ****. Flaccid, it hung almost halfway to his knees down his leg. When they made it down to us, Rachel slid off, and grabbed one of the jackets we had been using beneath us. She then grabbed Jakob by the **** and said come with me. He had no choice but to follow. They went over to one of the boulders, and she put the jacket on the rock as a pad, and leaned back against it. She spread her legs and he stepped in between them. Rachel guided his **** into her, and then leaned back and wrapped her legs around his waist as he began ******* her in a standing position. I had never watched my daughter **** a guy and it was a bit strange, as she was totally uninhibited as she rode his long shaft. I could tell she came a couple of times before he tightened up and pushing her back against the rock, obviously came deep in her. When they came back over to us a few minutes later, her face was still flushed and she was still breathing hard. At that point we all pulled our clothes back on and realizing it was dusk, settled in to watch the moonrise. Sven was lying crosswise, with Lexi leaning back against him and his head on my leg.

The moonrise was absolutely breathtaking, and as it made its way up into the sky we decided we needed to head back toward the trailhead. At the bottom of the slope, I jokingly asked if anyone wanted to swim across with me. Surprisingly, Sven said sure. We took our clothes off again, giving them to the others to carry, and waded out into the cold water. It was not a leisurely swim, as we both had to swim hard to stay warm in the water. The others were only about 1/3 of the way back when we reached the other side. Instead of climbing out, Sven pulled me around and kissed me hard. Out of instinct, I reached for his ****, and began stroking it. It took a couple of minutes to get it to start enlarging, but he pulled me close, and with skillful fingers, I guided him into me. We soon were moving up and down as I rode his **** with my legs around his hips, our lips locked in deep kisses. The coldness of the water on our backs was sharp contrast to the heat of our bodies rubbing together. We both came almost at the same time, and his ****** was strong enough his knees slightly buckled under him and we almost fell off the rock we were standing on in the chest deep water.

The others made it to us and we climbed out, dried off and dressed. We started back down the trail, bathed in moonlight, using our flashlights to make sure no one fell. At one of our rests, Lexi said she and Jakob were going to be along in a bit, and for the rest of us to head on. We all knew exactly what they were doing. We made it to the parking lot and to our car, and stood talking and exchanging info to stay in contact. About 20 minutes later Lexi and Jakob emerged from the trail with their arms around one another. Once they joined us, we all said goodbye to the others and got in our cars. It was a quiet drive for a bit, but then Rachel started laughing again, and soon all of us were. We stopped, and just all looked at one another. Becca said the day was a bit more spectacular than she had planned, but she was sure none of us would forget it now.
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this was a fine, spontaneous, natural and very memorable encounter, and it was effectively shared by a skilled author... its exactly the sort of worthy experience i thought this site was all about, and it totally sux that the author has been deleted....

I have a whole new appreciation of nature now! Never know what you will find in the woods. Great story!

Delicious piece of erotica!

great story very hot i want to eat every one of you

Great story! Thanks for sharing. :o)

Hey next time you go to RMNP let me know and maybe we can meet. :-)