It Was Actually Fun

Last night I was bored so I went out to a local bar a little ways away. I was there for maybe 15 minutes when a guy started hitting on me. He wasn't overly good looking but I chatted with him anyhow. After an hour and lots of shots I was pretty tipsy. He invited back to a friends house to party some more and I went.

We took a cab there and on the way he started to feel me up but I pushed his hands away as I had a boyfriend and told him so. Arrived at the house and went inside where there were 3 of his buddies drinking. They all whistled and stuff when we came in. He mixed me a rum and coke and then we did two quick shots of tequila. By then I was really drunk. I went to the washroom down the stairs and when I came out he was waiting there. He pushed me to the wall and stared kissing my neck and lips and rubbed one hand up my skirt. I remember mumbling drunkenly that I can't, I have a boyfriend. It's ok it's ok he was saying, he won't know. Another few seconds later his fingers were past my thong and in me. I started gettin really wet and horny and even though I knew I shouldn't I let him lead me into a spare room downstairs. He sat me down on a old couch and stood in front of me and unzipped his jeans and pulled out his ****. Since I was pretty drunk my head was rolling around he reached down and grabbed the sides of my head and pulled my face into his semi erect crotch.

I opened my mouth and gave him a very sloppy drunken *******. I guess he got tired of standing because he sat down on the couch and told me to get on the floor and on my knees. I slid off the couch and got between his legs and sucked him for a while.

After that its pretty fuzzy but I remember being on my back on the floor and my legs spread up by my sides and him on top of me ******* my ***** hard and then being flipped over and banged even harder from behind. When I finally came around a couple hours later I was by myself on the couch with my **** popped out of my top, my skirt pulled up around my waist and my thong down by my knees.

I gathered my stuff up and left the house and walked to the closest store and called a taxi and went home.
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My wife did that alot before we met. I wish she still did. Please add me


Yea I spent the weekend there having sex with him and his roommate. It was lots of fun.