Never Been ****** Like That

That spring I started work in a hospital, I went in seeking a part-time position, after interviewing they offered me full time night shift. I was taking a full credit-load that quarter but I decided I could balance it somehow. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed, and working nights gets lonely fast.

I remember meeting him, he was wearing dark blue scrubs and an alarmingly sexy smile. I’d never met someone that I was so instantly drawn to. No we’re not talking soul mates, we’re talking I wanted him to meet me in the linen closet and rub his **** on my hot *****. But I had a bf, come to think of it he had a gf too. Oh, and he was a coworker! Stalemate. So we flirted like teenagers for months, sometimes ignoring each other, sometimes following each other room to room. Sometimes I did it without noticing, he had this *** that was so easy to walk behind. It was almost uncomfortable, some nights I would avoid him to stop it from escalating. Then I would catch him looking at me like that and end up fingering my ***** on my break. Me, in a break room ************ on my lunch hour, and I’m hot, not to brag but when I flirt with men they beg. The point is I was getting frustrated, I wanted him.

I don’t remember how it started, we’d exchanged a few emails, heavier flirting, it’s easier to say things in email. But we kept it above the line, we were coworkers and just professional enough to respect that, sort of. Then he got a new job. When he told me I dared him to push my limits, he was the kind of man who couldn’t resist a challenge. It was his last night of work and he knew he was out of chances. He’d been laying it on thick all night, bringing me chocolate, complementing every feature he noticed, hovering; he knew I wanted him to cross that line but he was playing with me.

Then, coming down the hall he walked up beside me, leaned in close and whispered “I could grab your *** and bend you over right here, right now, and ****-you-hard”. It was like one of those lines you read about in **** but no man ever says to you in a public place - he said it. I was speechless, my nipples were hard, and he had my full attention. Then, he walked away. Timing, ******* musos. Did I mention he plays guitar? Perfect timing. He lasted about 5 minutes before he came back for more, he said something interesting I’m sure, then led me into a corner where said he wanted to kiss me. I hesitated because up to this point I had no intention of cheating on my bf.

I still couldn’t tell you why I did it, but I brought my body close enough to his to let him. You know how you hear a first kiss is suppose to make you dizzy if there’s chemistry? Yup, it was all that. So I walked away, cuz it was my turn and because that’s what you do when a kiss makes you want to press your whole body into something reckless. He followed, took my hand and said “and just so you know” then put it directly onto the hardest **** you can imagine. I’m a good girl, I couldn’t grab it no matter how much I wanted to, but I was nearly shaking from controlling the urge. Then, yeah, he walked away. Minutes later he was standing behind me in another room, I could feel his eyes on me, hyperaware of my body language, gauging how far he could push. He walked up, grabbed my *** and squeezed. But I was at work, and this was getting distracting. He noticed irritation, apologized, and backed off.

As soon as I was back in the hall he gave me his number again (I’d tossed it the first time), I txted him immediately letting him know I wasn’t annoyed but at work and busy, I told him he had no idea what he was doing to me. He said it was very mutual and he was thinking about relieving his own tension, I guess it’s challenging to hide a hard-on in scrubs. I wanted to watch him ***. Wouldn’t you know it, he loves being watched. The things you learn about people at 4am ;) We'd been flirting for maybe 9 months at this point, the build-up was insane. Then we started sexting, if you’re familiar you’ll know what that does to build anticipation. ****, like we needed that.

Details blur but we soon agreed to meet for coffee, I was nervous, excited, and convinced that I wasn’t going to let it go too far. I’d told him that sex was not happening. I don’t remember why but I got into his car, it had just started snowing, the first snow of the year; maybe just because snow makes me happy, adventurous. As soon as I sat down he asked me if I wouldn’t mind removing my coat. He'd only seen me in scrubs before. He took one look at my chest and almost drove into traffic. Yeah, they’re big, I’m not petite but I’m healthy and I do curve in all the right places. Almost immediately he started rubbing my *****, just like that, he reached over and rubbed my **** through my jeans like a pro. Instantly wet.

I was still desperately trying to hold onto ideas of “no I can’t” and “we’re not really going to do this” but we had made it to a park, the windows were fogged, the snow was falling, and his very talented hand had somehow made it into my pants. My legs were spread, my hips were rocking, and all I could think about was the need to ***, I needed something inside me. My hand, which had been sliding up and down his leg was by now all over his ****, opening his pants, lightly stroking, teasing, pulling and squeezing it. I wanted to taste it, and it was getting impatient, pre-*** dripping, **** twitching, pelvis tilting. His fingertips were wet from my *****, one finger darting down under panties to touch it, spreading wetness to my ****.

Off, he said, take these off, tugging at my pants, pawing at my ****. My bra went up, his mouth sucking my nipples harder, my pants went down, and he was eating my ***** like he needed it. By the time his tongue touched my **** I was already close. One finger in, two, slowly spreading me open first to adjust, then faster while sucking my ****, I grabbed the edge of my seat and came hard, my ***** sucking and pulsing all over his fingers.

As soon as I was done I wanted to swallow his ****. Wrapping my hand around the shaft I teased *** out with my tongue, licking and kissing, it was mine in a minute. It was good, not sweet but not too salty either, perfect, like something I wanted to taste again. My eyes telling him I needed him inside me, he didn’t miss a beat, I started sucking and he stayed hard, he gave either a grunt, a growl or something in between and my head went up and he was on top of me, pushing my pants the rest of the way down with his feet, spreading my legs with his hips. Some guys will push the tip in lightly and watch your face to see if they’re hurting you, moving slowly, hesitating, asking. Nope. Looking me straight in the eyes like he was conquering territory with 2 or three strokes he buried his **** balls deep into my ***** and held it there, pushing to stay in. I could feel my ***** spasm around it, my hips bucking, leg shaking, I was ready to beg. I needed friction, couldn’t he tell? He could, he was grinning. He made me keep eye contact, then ****** me so hard it felt like he was tearing something, and I needed it, I loved it, I couldn’t get enough. Reaching for the center of me with his ****, talking the whole time about the people walking through the park who could see us, could see him ******* me, “there’s a man watching us”, “that man can see my **** in your ***** and you love it”. He laughed and smiled when he said it, and then ****** me harder. I think I might have screamed when I came. I know I was loud, I couldn’t help it. In the middle of a park and I couldn’t adjust my own volume knob. I know people heard me. I laughed, wrapped my legs around him, arched my back, and squeezed his ****. He managed a handful of strokes before he lost it and shot his hot sticky *** inside me, filling my ***** with with warmth, wetness. If you’re a woman you know how good this feels, like a reward, it makes you feel calm, relaxed. But it was my turn, so I told him I had to go, he took me back to my car and I walked away.
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