My Hobby

Okay, so I love having sex with strangers.
I meet people, and I always wonder what's in they're pants and what they can do with it.
I don't know what it is with me. I'm such a ****, but I love it, and other people just thing it's ******* amazingly awesome that I can come clean about it with complete honesty, and other people just thing I'm a disgusting *****.
I just meet people at the mall or when I get into a new class or when I go to a new town or meet people my friends or family know, and I feel the need to **** them.
I love it!!!!

New Years Eve I met a guy at the mall. That night he took me out, and we went to a pretty nice hotel. He paid for the night, and we ****** until 6am. It was amazing. It's just so ******* exciting.
I guess it's one of my fetishes.
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18-21, F
8 Responses Jan 2, 2013

i need a girl like yopu

Your an awesome girl, just keep having fun.

Do you live in the US?
If so, what state?

I like to f. K without a name my self it a huge turn on by the way were living in the same town

My wife used to do that. I miss that. I wish she would now. If u married u husband lucky!!

Good for you hun!
If you're having fun, that's what matters. Not what anyone else thinks.
Have fun and play safe. I hope 2013 is a great year for you and your hobby. :)


Honestly, you are a sex craving girl, a bedroom **** but I am sure a lady on the street. You just like the thrill of fantasy sexual encounters! That is so cool!! Have you ever thought of a career in ****? I set up a former lover into that business and she did VERY well in income and fun! where in Texas, I come there often!!


I am definitely all of that.
I have actually been trying to look into a career in the **** industry. I'm very interested in it and always have been. I just don't know how to go about getting into it.
I live in San Angelo.

Ok, we need to chat more, on mail might be better. I have some insight and may still have connections but there is a lot to consider and your health and safety are paramount. Out there in the center of the state, eh? I am in Waco a few times a year and San Antonio this year as well. Drop a note in my mail bot and will give more detail.


I'm training my wife to be a good ****
Maybe you can help her ;) it is Sophy69b
U r really a distinguished **** !

I've had quite a bit of practice. Lol. Maybe I can.