Sex With A Stranger - Guy In The Mirrored Lift.....

Enjoyed all of your stories and thought I'd add one....never posted here before.....

At 23 I was backpacking in the south of France. I was traveling alone but had made friends with someone of the people in the hostel I was staying with. One night we went to the beach together. I was half asleep on the sand, half listening to the people I was with playing music and singing, and not sure whether I wanted to wake up and join in, or walk back to the hotel. It was dark and I didn't know the way, so the beach won. Ian, the guy who I would later f*&k, sat down with the group. He was older than me, by at least a decade, quite well built, muscular, not as tanned as me. He had a shaved head, which I suspect was shaved in part to disguise early balding.

Some of the younger girls in the group were laughing and giggling and encouraging us to go for a swim. Thinking it would wake me up I took off my top (many people swim topless in south France so no biggie) and walked towards the water. There were many almost naked bodies, and many more beautiful than mine, but it Ian looked at me differently from the others and i enjoyed it. I smiled his way and couldn't help but think that i wanted him to f)*k me. Like me, he wasn't the most beautiful person there, but he had something sexy about him....a presence....and to be honest his obvious interest in me was part of the appeal.

He joined me in the sea and we said very little to each other. We made small talk.....he was a secondary school teacher in a diverse part of London....we talked about the difficulties in teaching sex ed to groups of teenagers with such varied experiences and beliefs. I didn't so much care about what he was saying, except that the fact that he was not totally stupid kept the fantasy going (if he'd opened his mouth and total rubbish had come out I don't think I'd have stayed so turned on).

It didn't take too long for the talking to stop and I could feel him pushed up against me, hard. He was bigger than most of the men I had taken. The kind of c&^k that I knew would hurt before it started to feel good. However as sensible as any girl who would f&*k a total stranger I wanted to be somewhere I could access a condom. The sea didn't have any. The burning pain of him roughly entering me would have to wait.

We made our way back to the beach and made small talk with others. Then he offered to walk me home. What a gent. We wanted to be together but were staying in dorm rooms, which lead us to the lifts in the multistory car park.

The doors closed and the inside was covered almost entirely by mirrors. i pulled my wet thong to the side, hitched up my already too short denim skirt and bent over. I could see the reflection of my wet c(^t. He was hard and soon free of his undone jeans. "push it against me arse, but not all the way in" I asked. "then spank me, hard, for wanting it that way". He looked a little unconfortable so instead I got down on my knees and took him in my mouth. First I started to suck, then taking him back so I could feel him at the back of my throat. "Let me gag on you as much as I can take it" i asked. I did exactly that, sucking him all the way in and feeling my throat clamp down on him for as long as I could take without retching, trying to keep him in for at least 10 seconds each time. Then I went back to sucking the head, feeling myself getting wetter. I was too turned on to let him come in my mouth so I stopped abruptly and got down on all fours, pulling my skirt up higher, and pulling down my top and the front of my bra so my nipples were exposed.

This time he wasn't embarrassed and took his hand to my behind. He wasn't gentle either. "You're lucky I'm not using my belt" he said gruffly. He then looked slightly concerned, like he was worried it was too much. "its ok". i said. "i deserve it" I added with a dirty smile. After a few slaps it started to hurt, and became more something I was enduring for him rather than enjoying. But he'd turned me on so much I wanted to take give him something endure it I did.

Finally he pulled a condom out of his wallet, and swiftly put it on. He was still wearing undone jeans and his shoes. I expected him to enter me but before he asked me to stand up and kneeled in front of me. He kissed my breasts which was soft and unexpected. His tongue was then over my nipples. It didn't take long before the pleasure/pain touches to return as he began to bite me, at first gently, then less so. He then asked me to kneel down for him again, took his condom clad c^&k, and begun to slap me across the face with it. "This is too much" i said firmly, being able to see my humiliation in the mirrors, and finding it beyond the levels I enjoy.

He did it once more then went back behind me and took hold of my sea tangled hair. He slickly gathered it and put it into one hand and held me firm with it. Then I got what I wanted. His slightly too big c*^k entered me greedily from behind. I was right, despite being dripping wet by that stage, it hurt, especially with him tugging my hair and later slipping his hands down into my mouth as he rode me.

Pain soon turned back into pleasure. Watching him thrust into me, with the cold dirty lift floor under my knees, I came quickly and hard. The humiliation factor intensified my ******. His took a while to follow. To please him I spread my legs wider, bend my head down lower so I could feel my nipples on the ground, and told him to go as hard as he liked, to do whatever made him come hardest. "most girls find it hard to take me too hard" he muttered, almost apologetically. "just use me to please you" i said, sacrificing my chance of another ****** for his. Then he let go, grunting and thrusting as hard and as quickly as he could, ending in one final hard thrust and a shout of "you dirty *****" as he came inside me.

I fixed my clothes as he removed the condom (thankfully not split), and, as promised, he walked me home. We continued to talk about our jobs, where we lived, how long we were traveling. There was neither awkwardness nor expectation, at least not on my part. When we arrived at my hostel he kissed me goodnight. From our earlier chat I knew he was leaving the next day. That was the last I saw of him.

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Great story! thanks

I had a story similar to this with a girl I met in a laundry mat.