My First Fmf Was With A Stranger Named Dee

My girlfriend and I met through a swingers' club. I am not giving you a line of bull - this is totally a true story. After my first marriage ended I decided to sow my wild oats a little bit before settling down again - hence the swinging. We had only been "dating" a few weeks when she asked me if I wanted to go away for a weekend. I was agreeable, and I was already getting the idea that she loves to travel.

She had found a weekend swingers convention in the Twin Cities and we decided to go. We drove up there and hoped to connect with some like minded couples and have some fun.

Well, it didn't start so well - we pulled up to the hotel around 3 pm and the parking lot was full of school buses. And they all had names like "Christian Academy" painted on them. We looked at each other and said "Not looking so good, huh?"

But we found a parking space and went into the lobby to check in. We lined up behind a middle aged couple with a guy in a suit, and a very slender gal with short dark hair, both dressed well, and friendly. We chatted while we were in the line. We didn't ask but they said they were here for a weekend convention. "Oh yeah, so are we." We all gave each other shy knowing smiles.

We all wondered why all the middle school aged kids were, since the lobby was jammed with pouty kids loaded down with pillows, backpacks, Nintendo games and so forth. Soon we found out they had been there all week, and most of them were not too happy about having to go home, and the "party" being over, as they were all checking out and loading up the buses to leave. That was a big relief.

We continued to chat while we waited, and they both seemed very nice. Two clerks became available and we both finished checking in at the same time, and ended up reaching the elevators at the same time.

We overhead them talking about the lack of a schedule in their sign in packet. My girlfriend offered to give them an extra one of ours, but it was in the luggage, so we would have to unpack a little. The lady was named "Dee", and Dee said, "oh, can I come over and pick it up from you in a few minutes?"

My girlfriend said "sure" and Dee's husband said - "you go ahead with them, and I'll take our luggage to the room."

We were on a higher floor, so he stepped out with their luggage and the door closed. I leaned back against the wall of the elevator, and looked at Dee. I saw her return the look, and smile a little. I began to smile myself. I stood up straight, and looked at her again. I stepped a little forward and she smiled a little more. I kept looking in her eyes and slowly moved toward her. She didn't stop smiling, but just leaned her head back a little, and pursed her lips ever so slightly.

I don't know what came over me, but I decided to go ahead and kiss her. It wasn't a long kiss, but she didn't hold back, and I didn't hold back. It was a real kiss, out of the blue.

When we finished, she smiled very nicely at me. Then the elevator door bell rang, and the door opened. We proceeded down the hall and into the room, where my girlfriend dug out the program and proceeded to discuss the finer details with Dee.

I just stood off to the side, looking awkward. Then Dee turned to me and asked:

"Did you have some kind of fantasy in mind?"

I stammered a little (SO SMOOTH!) and said "whaat?"

Dee repeated herself - "Did you have a particular fantasy in mind when we came up here?"

And I said, "Oh, I'd love to have a *********."

Dee said, "tell me more" with a serious, intent expression on her face.

So I said: "I'd like to be on my back, and my girlfriend straddle my ****, and I'd like you to sit on my face so I can eat your *****."

And she said, "Okay, let's do it." and pulled off her sweater, just like that.

I can promise you it took very little time for me to be out of my clothes, and my **** was hard by the time I pulled my underwear off.

My girlfriend was just as quick to get her clothes off, and I laid on the bed, and she got on her knees straddling one of my legs to start....

Dee said "Do you want me facing her or facing you?" and I said "facing me" so she gently crawled up and straddled my face - not yet touching my lips - then smiled down at me and touched my face with her hands.

My girlfriend straddled my **** and I sank inside her to the hilt - she was just as excited as I was!

Then I put my hands on Dee's shapely and slender bottom, and pulled her forward so I could kiss her labia. Then I started licking her nether lips gently, then more firmly and moaning with pleasure. Her breathing got louder and she moaned each time my tongue dragged across her ****. She tasted so wonderful!

I cupped one of her luscious bottom cheeks with my left hand, and slipped my thumb down into the crack of her ***. My fingers fanned out across the bottom of her spine - I just love the bottom of a lady's back!

I could see Dee's face while I was licking her *****. Occasionally I would put one hand up on her tiny little **** and her hard nipples. Mostly I cupped her bottom. I could feel the incredible tightness of my girlfriend's *****, and how hot it was. I could also feel her caressing Dee's back in a soft gentle way.

Dee's eyes were closed and she would jerk a little as my tongue pressed and rubbed against her ****. She would arch her back when I would push my tongue up inside her vagina, and shake a little bit.

I started to rub her **** with my tongue and rub a slow circle with the flat of my thumb on her anus at the same time. She gasped when I started doing this, and breathed heavier and heavier.

The next time I pushed my tongue up into her I pressed harder on her anus, and she gasped again and arched her back both ways at the same time - if that were possible.

I kept up the rubbing on her **** and anus then, as I could feel my ****** rising. Soon I would not be able to hold back. I could tell that Dee was getting close too!

Her breathing kept getting heavier and she begin pinching her nipples then she put her hands down on my chest, and I felt her **** and anus start pulsing!

That made my shoot off my *** deep in my girl's *****!!!

Her hands and body tensed up and I felt her **** and anus pulse about fifteen times then she started relaxing down onto my face. I turned my head to one side to avoid being smothered against her creamy white stomach.

She cradled my head and murmured into my ear "was that you ******* with me ?", and I whispered "oh God yes"....

We laid like that for a little while before she got up. She praised my thumb and tongue technique, thanked my girl for the caresses on her back and we kissed a little and then she headed off back to her room.

My girlfriend and I had a great weekend --- that was just the start.

That was my first sex with a complete stranger, but not my last.
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Very exciting

Oh man -- I'd love to start a weekend with you three!