Best Sex In The World

I was at a football match with my girlfriend. Then we went to her house and I said that we could goof around naked.We were both virgins and so we did not want to lose our virginity.So we just pretended to have sex.she agreed. We went to her room and started. Suddenly by accident I pushed **** in her ***.we had both lost our virginity. So we started. Even though I was virgin i still knew how to have sex.even she did. She sucked my ****.I clutched here boobs at the same time.Suddenly we went crazy.i pushed my **** in her boobs.Then I licked her all over her ***. Then she started deep throating my ****.Suddenly I came. Then I licked her *** and suddenly she ended it with a golden was the best sex ever
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22-25, M
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

I'm glad you had fun with your girlfriend, but note the name of the group you posted in.

Sorry that I posted it in the wrong group