She wasn't a complete stranger. We had seen eah other around because there's some overlap in circle of friends. I know her name is April and her husband is a pathetic drink, but that's the extent of it.

Anyway I was at a party with a bunch of people I knew from different circle of friends and work. It was odd in that there were more than a few women I had ****** at this party and there was also the threat of violence because almost all of them were with their husbands or boyfriends.

I was not being very social and eventually just went to sit by the lake and let my buzz wear off and head home before **** went down. It was maybe 9 before I felt okay enough to drive. As I approached the house and turned to the side so I didn't have to walk through the crowd I saw her.

She was leaning against the vinyl fence nursing a beer. She smiled, but even in the dark I could tell she didn't look happy.

I asked her what was wrong and she told me her husband was already passed out drunk on the couch. I move to the patio and looked inside and sure as **** the fat redneck was passed out on te couch and people were balancing food on him or drawing on his fax in permanent marker. High school **** that apparently no one outgrows.

I told her sorry an offered to drag him out and take them home in my truck, but that he would have to to in the bed I'm not having puke in the cab. She thanked me for the offer and accepted.

I went inside with her picked up that sack of potatoes after shewing everyone away and went out to my truck. I wasn't gentle dropping him in the back. I opened the door for April and we were off. Small talk was lame the only thing we had in common was some mutual friends, but he was about as country as it got, but he was pretty damn hot.

Nice body, a bit thinner than I'm used to, but nice rack. As she had all her teeth.

We got to her house, a trailer, I know I shouldn't have been surprised. I carried that guy in and dropped him on the couch. Didn't even bother to make him look comfortable and neither did she.

She offered me a beer an I accepted to not be rude. It was a bid light. Typical. I leaned back on the kitchen cabinets admiring her body as she just stood there drinking her beer. She smiled at me me when I finished and out of nowhere she asks me. "Are you really ******* Gina?"

I just looked at her an told her yes, she then asked me if I was ******* a list of other women and I answered yes or no, mostly yes.

She looked excited and then asked me if I ever thought about ******* her. I was barely aware of her, but she was cute so my answer was "I am now."

Apparently that's all it took she came to me and we started kissing passionately an she wasn't shy about grabbing my **** through my jeans. She grabbed me by my hand and started pulling me toward the bedroom. I stopped her asked if she had a hand towel and some liquor first I made a whiskey mask and put it on her husband keep him from sobering up an waking.

They only had a full sized bed. It wasn't even made an the room was a bit of a mess, but WTF. Didn't matter the bed was going to me more of a mess soon enough.

She ******** as I started to take my clothes off and she sat an slid herself up on the bed. As I got in the bed she asked me if I had a condom I told her I had a vascectomy and she said great because she loves feeling *** inside of her.

I kissed her as I explored her body with my hands her **** weren't as big as they looked, damn push-ups! But still nice and hard sensitive nipples. She was awkwardly giving me a hand job and mumbling about loving my big **** between kisses.

There wasn't even foreplay. She just guided my **** to her ***** and asked me to **** her. She was so wet it was a nice smooth slide to the hilt bottoming her out. I put her legs on my shoulders and just started pounding her. I wasn't trying to be gentle or loving or even giving a **** about her ******. It was for the first time in a long time just me wanting to get off and drop my load.

She kept telling me to **** her harder and pulling on my *** to get in deeper inside her. I was playing with her nipple with on hand but when she opened her mouth I talk I would shove my fingers in her mouth to have her gag so I could feel her ***** tighten.

Unexpectedly. I could feel her start to have an ****** and I bit into her shoulder, I probably shouldn't have left marks but I was in the moment. As she was screaming that she was ******* it pushed me over the top. I slammed in as deep as I could and just let myself go. As I started ******* I pinched her nipples hard and kissed her deep she was moaning into my mouth.

I stayed in her after I was done ******* as then started pumping into her again. She looked surprised as they always do. I put her leg up so I could watch myself slide in and out of her an watch our juices get frothy. I would occasionally manhandle her **** knowing she was sensitive to make her jump as I did.

We ****** another two times that night once doggy and the last time she rode me normal and reverse cowgirl. I came in her another 4 times. She was pouring my *** out of her by morning.

When I left her in bed I walked into the family room and her fat *** husband was now on the floor in a puddle of his own **** and puke. I checked his pulse and breathing. He would be fine.

I haven't ****** her since then because apparently her husband started going to AA and she's trying to be supportive. Last time I saw her was at Publix. They are expecting a daughter.

Was fun for a night.
Wolf16 Wolf16
36-40, M
Jan 21, 2013