New Year's Eve Party Part 2

With the room full of nude and partially nude sex people, it didn't take long to spot another woman that I would like to have. Emboldened by the champagne, I walked over and ran my hand down her abdomen to her ****, and asked if she would like to join me. She smiled and said of course. We went to a big chair and we began kissing and fingering each other. We were both wet, and it didn't take long for both of us to ***. She was sitting on the chair and I was over her, my knees on the outside of hers. We continued rubbing each others clits and kissing, hoping to make each other *** again. I felt something press against me from behind, and before I knew what was happening, a hard **** pushed into my wet *****. I couldn't really see who this guy was, but just was ready for another *******. The woman continued working my **** with her finger tips while the stranger's forcefully pumped my ***** with his manhood. I came quickly. I could tell he was getting close to *******, as he **** reached maximum hardness and I could hear him grunting with each thrust. He pulled out of me and shot his load of hot *** into my butt crack and onto my cheeks. Before I could turn to see who had just ****** me, he was gone. I just had his wet *** between my cheeks and covering my ***. Being a long way to the bathrooms, I decided not to bother with trying to clean myself up.

I had only walked a few feet away from my last encounter when another woman said she had seen what had happened and wanted to lick the *** off me. I told her sure, and we went to one of the bedrooms. I knelt down on my knees and she buried her face into my ***, licking away the *** and also then licking my little hole. She took hold of my hips and rolled me over onto my back and began tongue ******* my *** and rubbing my ****. I glance around and saw Lexi crawling my way. She positioned herself over my face so I could lick her *****. I could see it glistening with what I guessed was a mixture of her *** and some guys. I could taste a man's *** as I tongued her. She was rocking back and forth on my face, pressing her ***** into my mouth. I could still feel the other woman between my legs, now fingering my *** and sucking my ****. It was so much stimulation I couldn't stop myself from having a massive ****** that caused me to twist my lower body away from the woman between my legs. I felt her move away, but almost immediately someone lifted my hips upward and I felt a **** push into my relaxed *** opening. The guy now ******* my *** went at me with long slow thrusts, pushing deep into my my hole, deep enough that I shuddered with each penetration. It was hard to concentrate on either person, Lexi sitting on my face, about to ***, and my *** being ****** deep and hard. Lexi came, pressing her ***** down hard on me as she involuntarily spasmed back and forth. I felt her lift off of me and I could take a few deep breaths. I looked to see who was ******* my ***. It wasn't anyone I knew. Just then another guy crawled on his knees up beside me and said he wanted me to suck him. His **** was waving in the air right above my face, and he rolled on top of me and I could do nothing but guide his **** into my mouth. He was big, and as his **** got increasingly erect, became a challenge to get it all in my mouth and throat. He started then ******* my mouth hard, shoving his **** deep into my throat, causing me to occasionally gag. It was difficult to breathe, and I was needed to breathe fast as I was about to *** from my *** *******. My body jerked with spasms as I came, but I didn't think he had *** yet. I felt him pull his **** from my *** and immediately shove it into my *****, that was flowing with my *** and others. I don't like vaginal after anal, so tried to press my legs together and roll a bit to get him to stop. He only did a few thrusts in my *****, but then pulled out and shot his *** all over my stomach. Now all I had was the guy ******* my mouth and causing me to gag. I hoped he was getting close to ******* as I could taste his pre-***. He gasped loudly and pulled out of my mouth, and proceeded to give me a facial. He then rolled off of me. I just lay there, gasping to catch my breath, feeling his *** running down my cheeks and forehead. I just was motionless for a couple minutes, collecting my energy and regaining my senses. I knew I needed to clean up a bit now. Instead of going to a bathroom on this floor, I went upstairs to our floor and went to the bathroom. I washed my face and belly and wiped my butt off as well. Feeling cleaner, I was ready to go back and do some more.

As I walked back into the party, I saw Sami coming out of a bedroom, covered in *** as well. I commented about it, and she said she had just ****** 3 guys at once, and they all decided to *** on her face and breasts. I suggested she clean herself up. I joined the celebration, drank more champagne, and in a few minutes was up for more sex. I certainly had a "What the ****" attitude by this point. I looked for any of my roommates, but none were around. I saw another woman that was strikingly attractive. She was very tall, with small breasts and black hair about the length of mine. She noticed my looking at her and smiled. I walked over and asked her to join me and she said sure. We just went to a couch, and quickly moved to a 69 position and were enjoying each other immensely. I was on top, and I have to say she came very quickly as I not only licked her ****, but fingered her ***** and *** with both hands. She was biting at my **** and using 3 or 4 fingers on me. That combination of pleasure brought me to another ****** as well. Once we both had *** we kind of just laid there for a couple minutes. I have to admit I was a bit light headed, probably from the combination of over a dozen ******* and a couple bottles of champagne so far. We both got up, but I decided I needed a break for a bit, so found a chair near the corner and sat down.

There were about 2 dozen people in the room, some dancing, some doing sexual things to each other on the dance floor, and other couples having sex in the chairs and couches around the room. It was a pretty incredible sight. I was sure the 3 bedrooms were full, as less than half the people were in this room. I saw Rachel coming into the room from the hall to the bedrooms. She saw me and headed my way. I moved over and she sat down next to me, her nude body warm and wet next to mine. We talked a few minutes about what we had done so far. To keep anyone from coming to us to have sex, we started making out with each other. Her breasts were sticky from dried ***, as was her inner thighs. When I slipped my fingers into her *****, she was soaking wet. She smiled and said she had already had lots of fingers and ***** in her. I said I had too, but still loved the touch only a daughter could give me. We soon were ******* each other, oblivious to what else was happening around us. Knowing her body so well, I could tell when she was about to ***, but I wanted us to *** together, so I slowed down while she continued working me with her hand. When I was about to ***, I resumed ******* her hard, and we did both *** within a couple seconds of each other. We then collapsed together until someone shouted it was 5 minutes till midnight.
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