Ruined Plans

So this weekends blizzard ruined my plans. so here I was on Saturday night. I decided to get dressed up and go looking for trouble. I found myself at a bar that did not have much going on. I normally would not go into this bar by myself its on a darker alley and kind of of dingy, but I figured what the hell. it was really the only thing opened. there was not much going on just a few guys drinking. I sat down and got myself a drink. the next thing I knew one of the guys had walked over to me and started chatting with me. he was a biker looking fellow with tattoos and a goatee. after he put a few drinks in me I whispered in his ear to talk me to the bathroom and **** me there.
we walked into the mens room. i pulled out a rubber from my bag then I pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties then bent over the toilet and let him **** me. I just screamed harder and harder. he did not last long but It was good. after he was done. I cleaned my self and walked out.
Rascalphl Rascalphl
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7 Responses Feb 11, 2013

pity that with the rubber there must have not been much to clean - so much better when its skin on skin and you are left with the *** of a perfect stranger leaking out of your holes

dream woman

That will keep you warm on a cold night.

Just needed a quicky

I'm scared to be raped, but sometimes "want?" To...

Would it have been more fun if it was more than one guy ???

That is a great way to surprise any guy at a bar......I am sure he is very glad you chose to walk in that place