Sex, Wine A Cheap Motel And A Gentle Stranger

I met a guy on the Quest chatline. We had amazing ******** and decided to hookup. I was 29 at the time and should have known better. I met him at a cheap motel at hwy 6 and the 403. He did some pot and I had a bottle of wine. He couldn't stop staring at my chest. I laid on his bed and he played with my boobs. He told me he was going to eat me. I had never had this done before. He made me experience new things. We wound up playing with each others bodies for 3 hours. It is one night I will never forget. I have always wanted to repeat this experience, but for me this was wreckless.
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10 Responses May 23, 2013

and you got your ***** eaten..... all good xo

Wreck less yes but you seemed to enjoy and I would enjoy joining you to do the same...

Reckless is the best

Sounds like you both had a good time,it is always risky meeting someone for the first time,but it can be so rewarding!!

do you ever pass threw va ?? >> betch i could do you much better :)

Nothing wrong with meeting strangers, just make sure you take the proper precautions... meet in a public place first, drive your own car, text a friend who can keep a secret about where you are and who you're with. Then let nature take it's course, and enjoy!

Isn't it lovely to look back on these times. You sounded so relaxed just playing together. This is how it should be.

Reckless? Probably... Fun? I'm sure! ^^*

You sound naughty and sexy. Please add me.

You took a chance, you experienced something new, and you enjoyed yourself. No harm done...