Strangers On A Train

I love sex to be exciting and somewhat dangerous, and throughout my life, I have had a lot of fun experiences. One that has always stuck with me was from my freshman year at college. It was winter break, and I had decided that it might be fun to take a train from the Midwest back to the East Coast. I'm not really sure why I thought that it was a good idea, but I am still really glad I did it.

When I changed trains in Chicago and boarded the train bound for Penn Station, I had no idea that I was going to meet the man who would introduce me to my submissive side. I took a window seat and prepared for the 28 hour ride back to civilization. I had my book, and had settled into my solitary existence, when a man sat next to me. He was in his 30's, wearing a cordouroy jacket, plaid shirt, jeans, and a cloth tie, very 80's casual. He introduced himself to me, and I respectfully introduced myself to him, and then tried to resume my reading.

For about 2 hours, we rode in silence, until about 6 o'clock when he asked if I would care to join him for dinner. Being a poor college student on a ramen noodle budget, I declined, thanking him but admitting that I had brought a sandwich. Instead of letting it go at that, he told me to put my book down, stand up, and to follow him to the dining car. I don't know why I did it, but I followed as instructed. He pulled out my chair for me, and then sat across from me. When the waiter came, he ordered our dinners and some wine, and then began asking me questions about myself.

I am not really sure why, but I answered every question honestly. When he began asking personal questions, including about when I had lost my virginity, and when I had performed my first blow job, I got embarrassed and averted my eyes while I answered him. He told me to look at him and to tell him my answers again. He told me I should be proud of how I had pleased the men in my life. We finished our meals and had another glass of wine before he led me back to our seats.

When we sat down, he placed his jacket over his lap. His hands were under his jacket for a moment and I could hear his belt jiggle, and then a zipper. He pulled his left hand out from under his jacket and lifted the armrest between our seats. Then he took my right hand and pulled it under his jacket and placed it on his hardening ****. I didn't need to be told what to do, and so I began stroking his nice ****. After about a minute of stroking, he lifted the coat with his right hand, and used his left hand to pull my head down to his ****.

He placed the jacket over my head. I knew nobody would be fooled by this with my head going up and down his hard shaft, the coat moving too, but it didn't stop me. When he was close to cumin, he leaned down and whispered that no mess was going to be tolerated, and that I should make sure to finish my entire dessert. I began to suck him harder and faster until he pushed my head down, his **** pushing deep into my throat, his *** gushing into me. Dutifully, I lapped it all up, swallowing and cleaning his **** completely.

He lifted the edge of his coat and smiled down at me. I raised my head with a pleased smile on my face. After zipping his pants back, he pulled my head towar his mouth and gave me a kiss on the forehead. He then whispered in my ear two words, "good girl". My panties went from damp, to drenched in that one moment.

He didn't say another word for the next few hours, and I sat still, wondering if there would be more excitement to come. I was squirming in my seat, flushed, and not knowing what else I could do. He just sat there ignoring my presence which excited me even more. I had time to think about all the people who had passed by us while I was sucking his ****, knowing some of them were probably in the same car with us. I knew that there had to be several people who knew what a **** I was. I sat there, thinking about all of this, getting more and more excited, until I realized I should go to the bathroom to relieve some of the pressure.

I stood up, and asked him to excuse me for a moment. He stood up, allowed me to pass him, and then followed me to the restroom. I started to close the door behind me, but he pushed it open and followed me in, locking the door behind us. We were in an older car, which had a small lounge area outside of the toilet.

He sat down in the chair and looked at me as I leaned against the counter. He said I had been squirming around restlessly in my chair, and he wanted to know if it was because I had to go to the bathroom, or because I was sexually excited. I blushed and admitted that it was because I was excited. He told me to look at him when I spoke, and to tell him what I had planned on doing in the bathroom. I told him that I intended to finger myself until I came. He told me that it was fine, and that I should go ahead and do it. I asked him if he meant now, and in front of him. He said 'of course'. He told me to undress and fold my clothes neatly and to put them on the counter. I was shaking, but I did as I was told.

When I was completely naked, he told me to begin. I had never *********** in front of anyone before. I had never stood naked, in the light, in front of a man before. I was wet, and I wanted to please him as much as I wanted to relieve my built up sexual tension, so I decided to close my eyes and do what I did by myself at home. He told me to open my eyes, look at him, spread my legs and pleasure myself. Before I could think, I followed his instructions.

Watching his impassive face while I slid my fingers to my **** made me even more excited. My legs were shaking as I felt the ****** build and wash over me. He told me to turn around and look at myself in the mirror. I did, and I saw myself naked, flushed, and fully aroused. He asked me what I was. I foolishly told him that I was a college student. He asked me what kind of girl would suck a stranger's **** in front of a train full of people, and then ***** and finger herself in front of the same stranger. I answered, "a ****". He told me to look at myself again and to tell him what I saw. I looked, and I saw, and so, I told him the truth, "I see a ****".

He smiled, stood up, and walked up behind me. He tangled his fingers in my hair and looked at my reflection with me and asked me if I was proud to be a ****. I answered honestly and told him yes. He smiled, reached around me and twisted my nipple so hard I almost screamed. I felt myself getting wetter. He kicked my feet apart, and told me to stick my *** out. I did as he said, my heart beating faster as each second passed. I heard him undo his pants, felt his **** pushing against my *****, and with one hard thrust, he filled me.

He wrapped his fingers in my hair again and began to **** me, pushing my face against the mirror as he filled me up. I felt the ******* washing over me and knew that I was the luckiest girl in the world. I felt so empty when he suddenly pulled out of me. He pulled me up by my hair and spun me around. He told me to kneel in front of him on that dirty floor which I gladly did. He told me to open my mouth which I gladly did, expecting to feel him deep in my throat again. He surprised me by stroking his own **** with his right hand while holding my head with his other. When his *** started to shoot toward my waiting mouth I tried to lap it up. He let me taste some, but aimed the rest at my face and breasts. When the last of his *** had spurted at me, he allowed me to clean him with my tongue, the taste of our blended juices sweet in my mouth.

When I had finished, he stood me up and began cleaning his *** off my face with his thumb, and then sticking his thumb in my mouth so I could clean it off. Once the *** had been made less visible on my face, he told me to dress. I started to clean the *** on my body, but he told me to stop and to leave it there like a good ****. He also told me to leave my panties and bra off because ***** didn't wear them. I put my clothes on while his *** dried on me and stuck my clothes to me. The *** that had gotten in my hair, I just finger brushed it in.

He walked to the door and unlocked it. Before he opened it, he leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Now that you know what you are, you will enjoy your life so much more!"
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Very hot, I would love to meet you or somebody else like you on a train.

Very, very hot! I've been riding the train almost every day for years, but I'm sorry to say I still haven't found you!

You certainly sound like a good ****.

Wow... WOW! Speechless. A white hot experience on a level with few others.

If only all of us could experience a moment of discovery with this clarity at a point in our lives when it wasn't already too late to become what we desire...

Wow you minx so horny xxx

That was sooo hot! ;)

for some strange reason I cannot open the message you sent me; all I can read is the preview "I'm glad you are open about your desireto breed..."

pity he didn't come inside you