Lost On The Train

Years ago, My firm opened a new office in a different area of the city I was unfamiliar with- big party- definitely a little drunk-

I was obviously confused going home- got on the train, thought it was wrong and asked a guy who just got on- my blouse was probably a little undone and he could definitely tell I was drunk- he was hot, wearing a suit- he said he would ride with with me to my stop- I was very grateful for his concern and hugged him, which turned into a kiss and before you knew it we were into each other.
I was so wet and horny- I touched his pants and was thrilled at what I felt- so hard and so big- we were so into each other- he took out his **** and pulled my back towards him- before I knew it- he lifted my skirt and stuck his massive member hard and deep in my ***** and thusted me about 3 or 4 times- but I wanted more so
I got off at his stop- groping and touching each other all the way to his apartment-

We ****** like animals for hours until I passed out- Woke up early the next morning he was still sleeping- and I left without saying a word-
Never saw him again, never tried to find him- I know his name was David and he was a hedge hunter with a tiny apartment off Park Avenue-

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Trains.... a fantasy of mine to have sex on one.

add me too plssss!!!!

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Love the story. The experiences felt and acted on are the best!