It Happened, Last Saturday...

Last weekend was great, the Saturday was awesome. We woke up with my husband and have great sex. Then we go for shopping and when we return back at home we had more and unexpected sex. It was like a rape scene, something which both like to do. It began on the elevator, he forced me into our house, he pulled don’t my leggings, he licked my ***** and then forced his **** inside me, he ****** me hard and then he *** inside me...

For the night we had plans to go out. I like rock music while my husband loves house music, but this night, his house friends were “sick” so he accepted to come with me on a rock bar, with some other girlfriends of mine.

I dressed sexy, wearing heels, shortskirt and a shirt with transparent stripes. I was sexy and when I presented my self to my husband he pushed me on our bed and he started licking my ***** which felt soo nice..
I tried to resist, I didn’t want him to **** me because I was clean and I didn’t want to smell sex, but he forced in me, he even made me *** and he also *** inside my *****.
I tried to clean myself afterwards but I had no time to take a shower so we left our apartment and reached the rock bar.
Minutes after arriving on the bar, he was notified (facebook) about some friends of ours that checked in on a club on the other side of the town. He decided to leave me there with my girlfriends in order to enjoy some of his favorite music. That was no problem for me because going out on different places is something we do frequently.
I felt very desirable in the bar. I know that I was looking very sexy and I also know how to dance, but I think it was also my smell. I noticed that I am more attractive to men after I had sex. I think it’s harder for them to “resist” if they are close to me and able to smell me... Even my girlfriend told me that I smell very nice!
This bar was packed with people, it was small so everybody were close to each other.
I was flirted by some men, one of which I really liked. He was sitting in a place which I had to cross everytime I had to go to the bar to get some drinks. I did it a couple of times because I also had to carry the drinks for my girlfriends.
He was tall, about 190cm, very strong and very dark. Totally rock! He didn’t missed any opportunity to touch me when I was next to him and we exchanged names when he asked me to stay and have a drink with them. I refused because I didn’t want to leave my girlfriends alone and because they know my husband.
We continued to look each other and I really didn’t know what to do. I wanted to do something with him but I didn’t want my friends to know.
The problem solved sometime later, at about 03:00 my friends decided to go home, I told them that I will stay a bit more, to talk to the band (I know the singer). The bar was now half empty, he came close to me (his friend also left) and we started to talk about the music and the bands. He proposed me to go to another “underground” rock bar, close to the area we were. I accepted and soon we were in a basement that smelled mold and alcohol. We got our last beer and soon we were kissing and touching.
Slowly he dragged me inside the toilets, he raised my skirt, put one leg on his shoulder and he started licking my *****. It was awesome. I was hearing the music and the crowd outside the toilets and inside I had this great feeling. Then he unbuttoned his pants and he made me do a *******. It was not that long but it was quite thick, thicker than my husbands. Then turned me facing the wall and he entered in my *****. I regret that I allowed him to enter without condom, but this was something beyond of my control. He ****** my hard for a few minutes, removed his **** from inside me and he finished on my *** and *****. My ***** was very sore, it was sore even before that.
We went back to the bar to finish our beers and he asked me for my phone number. I denied and told him that I was married. He was so surprised and he insisted to give me his number. Soon we left the bar, it was about 04:30, I already had messages from my husband, I had to reach home before him, I needed to clean myself a bit.
The next day we had outdoor plans and no time for sex! Lucky me, my ***** was still sore!

I have no idea if I will use his number. I think I shouldn’t, yet I am still in this sexy mood and I think of everything that happened on Saturday...
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awesome dear!!!! please add me, ove to see more of u??

wow .. what a bad girl!!!

I love this story! Did you ever call him?

The adventures of your life that you share here are wonderful. Please add and keep us up to date on your life.

Thank you

Wish it was me. Tim x

So, did you call him!?

What a naughty time!

Add me please.

Usually when I meet a girl like you... Things get suddenly out of control.
I am married too.

A hot female magnet! :D

(Sorry for late reply... I had lost your question)

sexy story ...actually it was ******* hottttttt..... please add me

Lucky girl wish it was me taking you ,you sound so sexy your story got me so hard
and had no one here at the time to ****.but loved your story anyway,Thanks
Would love to see your pictures,please.

Damn I wish I was that men at the bar