The Morning After

I was 19, in college, living off campus, in an apartment I shared with another girl.  Friday night was the start of Spring Break... that wonderful week off that college students get.  The serious ones use it to study, the rich ones, (or so I've been told), go off to Florida, or some other warm place, the rest of us party and sleep and generally just do nothing.

I was not the most serious student in the world, (a cause of some friction between my daddy and me), but I wasn't an idiot either, so I was a student at a very good, private, liberal arts college upstate New York.  This college also happened to be one where it was entirely possible to get ones hands on just about any assortment of recreational drugs and alcohol as ones little heart desired.  So when some of my friends started to plan a "Spring Break Party"  I was totally down with it!  OK!  Let's get this party going!

Saturday morning came and I woke up in my own bed.

I didn't feel all that bad, just not all that great either.  I had a headache, not the worse I ever had, but it was there.   My stomach didn't feel too bad, didn't think I was going to have to go in and worship the porcelain goddess or anything.

I also couldn't remember the end of the party last night.  Sh!t... I could barely remember the START of the party last night.

I rolled over onto my back and that's when I realized I wasn't alone in my bed.

I looked to my right.

Oh ****!!!

There was a guy I didn't recognize in my bed.  He was asleep then, but I could bet that he wasn't asleep when he got in.

He had light brown hair, kinda deep, sad eyes, fairly small guy... I could see not being turned off by, him, but...

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and tried to see if I could remember him. 

I was coming up empty.

Wait a minute!  In my bed....

I tasted my mouth ... you know, moved my tongue around, swallowed a few times, checked how deep the coating was...

I didn't think toothpaste had been the last thing in there. 

I moved my hand down between my legs and parted the lips.

DOUBLE ****!!!

I'd had sex.  Obviously no condom.  Oh sh!t!   Probably with this guy ... and I couldn't even remember his name!!

Double **** SH!T M*THERF*CKING CR*P!

Gonorrhea, herpes(!), chlamydia, warts, syphilis... OMIGOD!

Think, Sara, THINK!!!

OK, yeah, I can remember we were passing around a joint ... I was drinking wine, yeah!, white wine... it was me, and Barbara, and Paul and Rachel and oh ****, yeah!, this guy... what was his name...

I remember really getting into a conversation with him... we were getting really deep, ya know?, like you do when you're f*cking stoned out of your gourd...

Yeah, he and I were making out... Barbara!  Right!  She was there... I remember getting pissed off because she was ***** blocking me with this guy...

Oh, Sh!t, she was telling me, talking in my ear, (the music was getting LOUD), that he was really a perv...

Oh, NO!

I took him home and F*cked him...  and Barb was telling me he was like, really kinda weird...

He's moving... ****, he just f*rted...

"Hey, wow... good morning, Sara."

SH!T!!!  He knows my name...  "Yeah, hi, good morning..."  Oh ****!  He's touching my arm!  Sh!t, my breasts are showing...

"Wow... last night was like totally awesome!"

Not that I could remember...

God ... I hope I at least came ....

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A lot of us have been there done that, if we haven't we have not lived. seriously.......that's when life really begins...I remember waking up one morning, and she was so ugly, I chewed my arm off, just to keep from waking her up...

nice story

Awesome story. To think those might have been the best years of your life...I wonder why ; )

If you came but don't remember it, does it count :)

Good story, hope you Did him again in the morning. Why wouldn't you?

So sorry this experience wasn't entirely positive. Don't judge yourself too harshly. Men dream about liaisons like this, so perhaps you were his dream come true. Your natural female nurturing may have played a part in it. And Nature has come up with a surefire way to perpetuate the species by causing us to desire a partner however inappropriate we may decide he/she was later.

Lovely store if Sara. Oh s*** he farted that was funny. I hope your second time was much better than this. maybe you'll tell us about it.

So.......did you 2 do any thing again?

Awesome story

That sounds a little bit familiar to me unfortunately.

not that it matters now,but all those drugs are a factor.

your great to share this kind of youthful personal college experience. I dont know how some people can go on in their adult lives like they never got involved in a compromising or less than socially "accepted" incident when those from the day know well they were just like the rest of us. People without honest pasts (no you dont have to tell the newspaper reporter) can not be entirely trusted.

Great random sex story hun!!


You *** lol

OMFG! That is sooo weird! Luckily nothing bad happened...

How do you know nothing bad happened she didn't give those details. Just the story not the results. But we all hope nothing bad happened other than losing your virginity without experiencing it.

They all remembered who I was.

WOW Same exact thing went in my head 2, im not the only one been that fried

Well.... most of them, I got myself into when I was more or less blacked out, so... I have no idea WHAT I was thinking when I decided on them.

Ah, don't you just love those "seemed like a good idea at the time" memories? LOL!

I was trying to count the abuses in there, by the time i reached bottom i lost the count! lol

Or in this particular case, so drunk, so grossed-out, so shamed, so worried, etc., etc.

Funny, that's kind of what I said when I was busted for drunk driving.... I HAD to drive... I was too drunk to walk!

yeah... we thought they were great. Sometimes.

Hardly.... it showed up that day... but we were all too effen hung over to do much about it. Then the following day... ugh!

And it took how many days to learn this? Hmmmmmm.......Methinks she protests to much! LOL!

Thanks for all the interest in this horrible experience of mine... (I STILL get cold sweats thinking of this time and few others that were almost as bad!)... but don't expect any more about it. Let's just say my roommate was totally right -- this dude was a perve to the nth degree.... there are several experience groups here that he would belong to if he were a member -- and they are NOT groups I belong to....

"God ... I hope I at least came ...."<br />
<br />
You win a thousand internets for the awesome finish!

Yea...when the were debating the pros and cons of "higher" learning, what's his face probably said something idiotic and totally ticked Sara off....and tried to make it up to her over the course of the night. But instead, Sara educated him...a second time!! hehe<br />
<br />
this is all purely specualtion , of course :-)

i think the interesting part is the next two days....can't wait to learn more :-)

Yeah, stimulating conversation.... that's it.... hehehe!!! *wink wink* ;-)~~

lmaoo I think you're right Pixie...Sara obviously did something very well. i think it was the stimulating conversation. lol<br />
Cant wait to read the other installments of this story!

LOL!! Yeah Sara, you obviously rocked his world. hehehe!!! *wink*

OMG!!! Too True! I'll just say that this whole thing went on for another day or two and .... ugh! (Shivers) He remembers me.

yea...that could have turned out alot worse.<br />
but on the bright side....what's his face will probably never forget YOUR name. :-)

I'm glad I didn't get AIDS!!!!

We've all done crazy things we look back on and cringe to. I'm glad you didn't get preggo!!!! :-)

I like weird. Where is the rest of the story?

very recognisable!

Yeah, well, the whole thing got LOTS WEIRDER b4 it got solved... theres another story in that... for a TOTALLY different group...<br />
It did help convince me to be monogamous... but that wouldnt have made any dif. cos I was between lovers at the time... and drunk/stoned, so careful was out the window... along with thousands of brain cells...

Ah I'm sorry for you. Some would say that it is possible to have "too much fun". Hope you got the situiation fixed with no resulting consequences. Be more careful from now on.