I had a pretty kinky and hot story to share about what happened to me today, but for some reason EP won't let me share it, even though I'm fairly sure it didn't break any of the guidelines. What a shame.

EDIT: Story posted below in one of the comment replies, what a clever idea :)
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You can also post risqué stories in confessions too!

I know lately every time I try ep stops the story Why??

I'm not sure why, I read through the rules and guidelines and it does say that sexually explicit fantasies and what not are banned. However this is a real experience, not just a made up fantasy of mine, so I think their filters may just be incompetent.

It's because epallie is a Nazi ***** and also because the new & improved EP sux big time!

I agree. I used to have an account a few years ago and it was much better in my opinion.

I would have loved to read it too, EP has gotten so damn picky as to what we can and can't read anymore that it really sucks. You could send it to me in my inbox if you'd like. :-)

It's posted below in a comment reply :)

I would like to know your story.. can you write to me using the message facility? Inbox?