I was twenty years old and on vacation by myself in Rimini, Italy. I went to the Bull and Bush pub with a group of Americans I'd met in my hotel. I was merrily getting drunk on red wine and trying to play darts when a handsome man came into view. He came over to "play" darts with me but we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We went back to my hotel and had sex all night. On the bed, the floor, in the shower and on the balcony. He was leaving the next morning. I walked him out the hotel and said goodbye. Never saw him again and to this day have no idea what his name was but it was a good night.
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I can help with another one night stand if u come to my part of Texas lol


My opinion of you is always high x

Anonymous sex can be a real thrill :)

hopefully ot was just not that night but only the first one of thousand more with thousand more strangers

There is no advantage in names. Actually in a way it's better without. When there are no names, no background, no personal histories, no string attached, what is left is the sheer, pure thing: Sex

Are you still active? Still enjoying being a receptacle and a Sex Goddess for perfect strangers?

if the online encounters end up skin on skin and with *** up your holes then I would count them; if they remain virtual then i wouldn't; doesn't your husband understand the needs of your flesh? Your core nature as a receptacle? How can you stay without?

i supposed you tried to talk to him about that ??

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