My favorite kind. There's something so hot and nasty about having a man's C in your mouth and you don't even know his name. Nice to meet you baby.
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C for cute but choking

When do i get my turn?

I love to put mine deep in your mouth

Happened to me the other night.. I gave him road head for 20 mins on the way back to his place..

Next time use hot water. He'll *** twice.

Road head is always fun!

Suck me off any time!

I got a hot sticky load


I'd love to be your next stranger.

Yes it is extremely hot and nasty and soaks my panties beyond belief when I get on my knees for a man and don't know his name. The best part is when I swallow his DNA not knowing his name! I always wanted to be impregnated my a man who's name I didn't know but unfortunately I'm unable to conceive. I have been with thousands of nameless men!

And they are all lucky.

I feel I was the lucky one!

A *** **** !?!?!

A total CumSlut I am!

*** suck it out.of me or I can get off in your mouth

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It would be very nice to meet you, babe!

blow me, and I will not tell you my name :)

even better hottier and nastier when is unknown *** ends up deep in your wombs

I'm a stranger

God, your such a sexy lil ****. Any pics of your activities?

Now thats what I'm talking about. Love those kinds of meetings.