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Met Her In a Club

Back when I was in college. I went out with a couple of girl friends to the club for some fun. I wore  a
new short black skirt with a tight red v-neck top, which showed off my cleavage and made me feel real sexy.

When we got to the club, it was full of hot guys and sexy girls, dancing, and drinking and having a good time. We headed over to the bar and after a couple drinks we headed to the dance floor and started dancing sexy with each other. I don’t know why us girls get such a kick out of that

After a couple songs, I headed back to the bar for another drink and noticed a couple girls staring at me out of the corner of my eye. I smiled trying to be nice and noticed that one of the girls returned an
equally grateful greeting, I thought she was hot and felt a little awkward so I just gave a little wave. I was such a dork but what else do you do. By that time the bartender had perfect timing and asked
what I needed.

A few minutes later I looked up and she was right next to me standing next to her.

"Can I sit down?" she asked.

"Of course," I said smiling.

We talked for a bit, having a couple drinks together.

"Do you wanna dance?" she asked. I had never been asked by a girl. Sure I have danced with my girlfriends but that’s different.

Kind of surprised I said "Sure," and she  grabbed my hand and lead me to the dance floor.

As a new song started playing, we started dancing and she was sensual. The way she swayed her hips with the rythem and then turned and started rubbing her *** against my thigh. I naturally put my hands on her hips, pulling her towards me and I could feel her smooth inner thigh rubbing on mine as we danced. Then she turned around facing me, grinning and then kissed me. Not like a girlfriend kiss but like a lover would.

"You wanna go some where?" she asked.

"Okay," I said, grinning from ear to ear. Still feeling like a dork

She lead me towards a dark corner, then started kissing me, pressing her body against mine. Sliding her hands down my sides, moving them to my ***, squeezing it, pulling me closer.

God it was so hot, she was kissing on my ear then whispered, "Let's go to the bathroom."

"Okay," she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the women's room.

Pushing a bathroom stall door open, pulling me inside, slamming the door shut and pushing me against the door, she begins kissing me hard and rubbing the inside of my thigh pulling my skirt up and grabbing my panties by the waistband of pulling them down, dropping them to the
floor, I naturally stepped out of them.

She slowly slide her hand under my skirt, sliding her finger inside my *****, then slowly starts rubbing my ****, I couldn’t help but moan. Then she slide her finger inside my *****, fingering me till I can't stand it any longer.

I could not help but kiss her tounging her deeply and wanting more. I grabbed the sides of the bathroom stall, moaning, "Finger **** my *****!" I demanded.

Looking her in the eye as she slid her finger out of my *****, bringing it to her mouth, Rudy opens her mouth, and sucks my ***** juice off her finger.

Grabbing my hips, she pulls me towards her, and this time slides three fingers into my tight, wet *****. I couldn’t help myself and gasped loudly, feeling her three fingers deep inside me, I wrapped my legs around her waist as she drove deeper and deeper into me.

Then she spun me around having me grab the stall door, pulling my skirt up high I felt her hot mouth on me from behind, starting at my *** and licking deep trying to reach my wet *****, pushing me against the door. Both of us moaning loudly, me grabbing the stall tighter, starting to move my hips against her toung, making her lap at my inner wetness even deeper trying to get to my wet *****. And me arching back to greet her tounge with my eager ****. I was getting louder and louder with my moans.

"You like that you horny little ****?" she asks.

"God yes!" I replied.

Hearing the bathroom door opening and closing as other girls came in and out of the bathroom, without a care in the world, she was eating my wet ***** with out a care, making me whimper even louder,

I was over welming and I gasped, "I'm gonna ***!"

"That's my dirty ****, *** all over my face," she said.

Moaning even louder, grabbing the stall tighter, I began to ***.

"That's it, *** my face," she said.

I began to shudder in spasms as my ****** took me pushing back on her face and using the stall door to hold my weight as my knees begain to weaken. Rudy without a hesitation, got on her knees. Grabbing my thighs and pulling me into her, she slowly begins licking it up and down, tounging my backside and lapping at my ***** juice. Looking back at her with wonder at what she just did to me she looked up at me as she starts moving her toung up and down my ***.

Grabbing the back of her head I groaned and came again, "That's my good ****," she said, between tounging my *** and wet ****.

All I could do was grab her hair tightly keep *******.

Ruby swallowed it all, licking me clean, she then stands up. Pats me on the *** opens the stall door and goes over to the mirror and fixes her hair and make up, I’m left sitting on the toilet trying to get my legs back.

Ruby turns and leans back against the sink with a devil may care look on her face. Smiles and asks, “So do you want to come home with me?”

I laughed and said, “Let me tell my girlfriends I found a new one and am riding home with her.” That started the first of my sexual exploration and Ruby opened my eyes to so much pleasure.

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What an erotic experience! I had a similar club experience with a girl I met. Check it out. These are the experiences we never forget! Carpe diem.

Hot story thanks for sharing.

yummy.... so love eating *****... and ***** juice drives me wild.... thanks for shering, Tim

sexy gr8 story

wow! what a time! really amazingly hot!

This is the 2nd read of your story your a good writer and it's really hot stuff

That was so got me hard just thinking about 2 hot sexy girls having hot sex when u 2 were strangers.....LOVED IT ; D

very exciting story!

Well now that was a sexy story. very hot.

Now that was one hot story.

One time my girl came home with an older girl, a real fox and they put on a really hot show, my c

nice---sounds yummy

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Very sexy, you've got me wet!!

If you want to go naughty online add me

W O W !!!!!!!!

Damn girl!!! What a lucky night you had you sexy ****!

hummmmmm would love to see your photo's<br />
<br />
friend me please<br />
<br />

great adventure you had, especially one that you could not have expected.

Wow.... Very erotic story, nice!!! Where is ruby now

Oh my days I love the detail! ;) you had a good night then! ;)

your story made me hard

The others at the club must have gotten quite a show!! So very sexy!! Can't wait to read more!

Thank you for sharing this experience! You are obviously a very sexy and passionate woman

God that made me wet! ;D

That was a great story fantastic .

mmmmmmm made me sooooo horny

Hot *** story. Any more from that night?

very hot especially since my wifes name is ruby and made me think of her

omg <br />
ur story make me excıted<br />
ı am so jealous <br />
ı wısh ı can be tht bathroom<br />
what a wıld excıted real story<br />
thanks ı love to read ındeed<br />