When i was in college, I went to a regional fraternity convention in Chicago. So where at the hotel downtown getting fried at the mini bar, and because we were hosting the event drinks were free. So i started drinking 151 long island ice teas. I remember dancing after the dinner shaking hands and after that I blacked out. I wake up there a lady naked, I'm freaking out cause i didn't use any protection. So she wakes up and shes like be quiet i have to call my husband, so I'm really freaking out cause i just banged this stranger that's married, whom i know nothing about. After hearing her lie about her being exhausted and not answering her phone she got dress left, kinda vanished and that was it. Well fast forward a year ago my facility had an EPA audit and guess who the lead auditor was..... her nameless lady I screwed 4 years prior. I guess i did something right because she didn't fine me for anything.


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U deserve a medal for this!!!


The Lord works in mysterious ways?

LOL @ Screaming, I see you pimped out the nusery rhyme LOL

Hey your right i never thought of it that way June

Ha. I like that. Someone who actually freaked you out, twice!

Ugh! Such a downer.

Really you too huh, man wierdest feeling ever right???

Yeah, well, been there, done that, just on the bottom. No fun from my side of the bed the next morning either....

And i never Drunk 151 after that, the worse hang over I ever had

Not really i didnt even know what i said to her to make her sleep with me LOL and she was married at that, i though i was gonna get shot or something when she was callin her husband

So... no memory of that actual... um.... event? Sounds familiar....

RLMAO @ Georgeg

finally an EPA success story<br />
<br />
usually they do the screwing :-)

She aint offer and if she did i wouldnt have taken it, i unno it was just mad awkward, thats the type of situation it was, her colleauges was there, so last thing was on our minds was rolling in the hay

WHAT?!?! you turned some down? what's up with that? lol

Nope, I didnt want to either

did you pick up where you left off 4 yrs prior?

Yep and the audit took two days sooo man it was a very wierd vibe both of those days, and everybody picked up on it too, because they kept asking if we knew each other from somewhere.

Weird feeling finding out who she was, huh?!? LOL

uh huh...that's what i thought.

wellll ehhhhhhhhhhh

LOL are you sure that's the feature you remember? haha

I never forget a face, Something i learned to do a longggggg time ago

she must have left quite an impression on you if you remember what she looked like after 4 years had passed.