A Walk of Desire

T wo months ago, I went to a neighboring branch of our company for gaining more work experience. The guy who showed me around the office and introduced me to other staff was medium built, 32 years old, married with children. He had a winning smile and a tendency to know always what i wanted in the office because he would always bring things just before I was GOING to ask him


After a week of flirting and brushing each others hands accidently and intense looks from across the office. He asked me if I wanted to come for a walk with him....


It was 6:00pm and it was a cold evening we headed towards a hilly walking spot, the sun was setting and I was perspiring in that cold weather just because he was walking beside me. Every now and then he would look at me and I would smile back at him. My heart was racing like a whirl wind non stop. As we entered the heart of the track, the fog circled us and the sun almost died, I felt a little afraid at the prospect of this strange man whom I did not even KNOW walking beside me with pure insanity in his eyes............


I finally stopped and suddenly he came closer, his hands caressing my face.....I stepped back but he grabbed my hands and whispered "I want you right now"......his usually dark green eyes were now grayish looking and I could see intense desire in them


He stood behind me, took off my jacket and slowly caressed my bare shoulders...and breathed on my neck the warn breath made me want him more.....his hands reached my breasts and he stroked them......making their way to my groin .........and after 2 minutes i came...

I turned around and undid his pants and pushed him on the ground....the grass on my naked cold body felt cold  as i pushed on to him i felt warm and good........i took control of him and rode him till he had his 1st ******.......

He then lifted my bottom and gave it to me till I screamed........

At that moment i didnt care if anyone was looking at us or not

We went on it for good hour and a half and when we came back to our car we were covered in leaves and grass


This was a walk to remember ..........

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add me please

great story, thanks!!

I love the style in which you wrote this story it was hot and at the same time romantic
it will appeal to both sexes. But I could picture it like a film,loved it,wanted to be him.
anyway Bravo well done. Would love to see your photos if I may,Thanking you now

very nice hun jope ull had me id love to get to know u!

gues u had a gr8 tym

What a beautiful story. I think of how much I desire women and how they often seem oblvious and unobtainable that I forget they do, indeed, desire us men too.

wow does sound very amazing

I loved the way you told the story. Very hot! I ENVY that guy - to have you and suh staying power. kwikfox

not bad,you said it all in the last sentence .

Don't you have a boyfriend? are you in some kind of an open relationship?

Very interesting girl - welcome in our home anytime.


Very slutty day for you!!


Wow, very lovely story, this sounds like something I would do. I have actually done something similar to a woman who was younger whom I hardly knew, but it did not result in quite so much sex. We started to talk about sexual things on the walk which was really arousing to both of us. Very nice!

You are my kind.....<br />
Thank you for sharing!

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