I've done it several times actually. Usually when I am single I will get lonesome and find a casual hookup or two.
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isnt it so much fun

I think you will find LOTS of dudes who really think this is wonderful
, just fantastic . Until they started dating you....

Absolutely nothing wrong with that girl, bang away !!!

How often are you single?

serial monogamy here. I am usually single for less than a year at a time.

I love meeting women like you lol

So what constitutes a "stranger"? Is it someone you've never spoken to before?

Depends. Sometimes people I meet online, sometimes people I just met in real life.

But it's not like you just see someone in a store and say, "Hi, wanna go ****?" Or is it? lol

Not usually. ;)

Okay, lol. I didn't think so.

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