The Internet. How Else?

I was recently divorced and horny as hell.  I had been chatting with a woman on Yahoo, and she invited me over.  I surprised myself and went.  I suppose there was a bit of a risk, but that seemed to make the experience more alluring.

She was reasonably attractive; we met at a burger king first, but after only a few minutes (I guess I had passed inspection) she invited me back to her place, and we started ripping each other's clothes off almost immediately.  It was also my first experience with anal sex (which was her suggestion, incidentally).  We saw each other a few more times after that; I think I came more often in those three or four dates than I had the entire time I'd been married.  

I don't know that I'd do that again; there are too many people playing the system now, and trying to get money.  But it sure was hot at the time.

howler58 howler58
51-55, M
Feb 27, 2010