Sex With Many Strangers

  Been trying to figure out if I have a deep psychological problem that makes me want to have sex with strangers, or if it's simply a thrill for me... the hippy in me perhaps. In the past year I have had sex with probably two handfuls of strangers. For a few months I'd walk into a club or bar, already tipsy, and scan the place for my next potential ****. A few times I even went as far as having sex with multiple men in one night. At first I didn't use protection which definitely makes me look like  a ****/*****/whatever... but I freaked out after getting tested a few times and now I'm insistent on using protection. This is where it gets hazy for me because this has been a double-standard for a while which I don't want to fall into. Guys can get away with being a ***** and still keeping a good image...***** being a person that sleeps around (I'd think being protected would make it seem less slutty). But when a girl does something like that, she automatically gets a bad rep. Then I have a guy friend that understands me and thinks the same way: having sex with strangers is fine as long as you use protection. Then there's my ex-boyfriend who believes sex should only be enjoyed with someone special and thinks my "dirty" ways are "slutty". 


I'd like some other peoples opinion on this. Is it slutty for me to having protected sex with strangers? Or am I just being a free loving hippy...


I mean I understand that sex is better if there is real chemistry and love but who can deny the rush of having sex with an extremely attractive stranger...? 

Apparently I can't. 

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Traditional religious training are designed to separate people and teach women to be mindlessly obedient. These churches are terrified of women who are both sexual and freely give pleasure to others.<br />
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Women have been taught to be fearful of other women as if your husband's **** will stop working if he has sex with another woman, or he will run out of love if he loves another.<br />
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When I talk with men who want a “virgin bride”, I find a common thread of insecurity. That Other man-men has a bigger **** is better in bed and all the other stories we tell ourselves, because religions have drummed into our heads that we are Not good and can only be saved by total blind obedience.<br />
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So it is understandable. Religions have been working for thousands of years to put pervasive fear into people. Women are told through countless suggestions there is not enough, especially love and that they are in competition with other women.<br />
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If they give freely they are degraded with words like **** and *****.<br />
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I call those women Love Goddesses.<br />
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The second is every women I have worked with and trained has come to love double and triple penetration. It causes waves of ecstasy once a woman has properly trained her mind.<br />
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Basically as I looked and studied religious teachings, especially the "Rapture Experience", I found this looked rather clumsy and inelegant. A man seemed to be required to abandon his responsibilities to wife, children and society (all responsibilities the churches hold dear btw) and wander for years until he experiences a brief rapture.<br />
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I contend god-goddess would not make such a clunky pathway given the elegant design I see around me in nature and the universe. That rapture experience sounds a great deal like an ******.<br />
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I notice the Big 2 (chrisitian-jewish and muslim) have a male only godhead. Buddhists focus more on process than god-goddess.<br />
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The Big three all seem to shun sex and pleasure. So the question begs why create them? Why do females have the ability to have sex at any tie and full-time breasts which sexually entice and attract males?<br />
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When you spend some years contemplating these things, I personally find the concept that the ****** might be the 'spiritual gateway' to the Great All experience to be one thing which makes total sense.<br />
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I have known a number of women in my lifetime who felt “I was put on earth to make love and to pleasure men and women.” They felt conflicts because the religious teaches which preach Love but in fact prohibit pleasure and sexual love, are in conflict with those women’s desire to give themselves easily.<br />
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Once they surround themselves with others who praise them and encourage them and hold them in high esteem, the problems disappear.<br />
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Love Goddesses giving and receiving pleasure. Churches are terrified because their teachings are false, weak and no fun. Give it some thought.

I don't think religion taught many of the insecurities you refer to, but I do agree that many men desiring virgin brides do so in some form of insecurity. I do not however believe that otherwise all men would want a non-virgin, or that any man wanting a virgin does so out of insecurity. Still, some valid points in there.

Study any and all religions and you see enormous weight given to sexual prohibitions and focused very clearly at women. Religious men fear sexual women in control of their own bodies. Simply they cannot compete.

live life for the day and never regret anything that you enjoy doing, there are way too many hypocrites out there who want to tell everyone else how they should be living their lives, i think women who do things like you have mentioned are very special and i really do wish there were more ladies like you, it might even make this world a slightly better place, go out, enjoy yourself and have lots of fun.

i don't look down on women who have many partners. I find it hot. I would happily be in a serious relationship with a woman who ****** other guys. Watching and sharing her would be a huge turn on for me. But I guess the same people who would call you a **** would call me a pervert. LOL

Respect is a personal thing... if you respect yourself it doesnt matter what others think... all others who respect themselves wil recognise your respect for yourself immediately and will never be judgemental about your actions or their own....<br />
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Humans are so hung up about sexuality and morals... and yet happily watch violence and killing in films as entertainment..and give their children electronic games that promote fighting shooting killing and conquering by violence... which is sicker? sexual practises that give enormous pleasure that is adding to self and others or pleasure derived from watching violence?? Is it any wonder we have a sick society...<br />
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You go girl... I would rather have a society full of women like you than a society full of killers discord and violence...

Abbleseed, I think you are cool. There is a book, "The Ethical ****," written by 2 women,which is a blueprint for a woman to enjoy her sexuality without in any way compromising her self respect or morality. I think you will find it empowering.

There's nothing wrong with your desires... On another note teach or coach me on how to do this... I have always kept my sex partners for years at a time and fell in love... How do I obtain casual sex? Thanks I am single and figure i should chase some fantasies.

Depends on whose respect you want. Don't worry about prudes.

WOw... should have seen all the dirty responses coming. Well I just had a new realization- Guys LOVE girls that give it up, right? But those girls are considered *****, right? And ***** have NO respect, right? WTF mate. Can't win. Someone wanna explain the meaning of respect to me anyway? Ya, everyone has their own definition of respect ba<x>sed on their own "morals" and what not. Ya so **** you and your "respect" word- I "respect" myself ba<x>sed on my own chosen morals and whether you respect me or not is up to you.... whether you like me or not as well. Take me. Or leave me. THank you, have a nice life.

personally i don't recognize the word "****", it was invented by men who where jealous, and by women who where invidious.

i love having anonymous sex with random strangers. i think women who embrace the primal urge to get ****** are the only ones being honest with themselves. all women love to get ******. i love that you like to go out and prowl for strangers to **** you(hopefully sometimes in the club bathrooms) i also love that you dont use protection. nothing is hotter for me than ******* a random girl without a condom on and without asking or warning her, just watch her reaction as she feels my **** start to throb as i pump my warm thick load of *** deep in that wet *****.. at first giving the ex<x>pression of *what the **** are you doing ******* inside me?!?* but then very quickly changing to ***** that warm load of *** feels so ******* good, dont stop ******* inside me, i want to feel that **** throb as you fill me up* so i say keep letting those strangers **** you bareback.. no condoms

Good point. I agree, it is up to you (or me) to decide whether something is good or bad and that changes regularly. I think I initially wrote that because I wanted someone to say I wasn't the only one who got a rise out sleeping with strangers. Not that I'm looking to pick someone up here. I was raised by hippies but spent half my life in Miami where people pretend to be reserved. <br />
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I'm trying to figure out whether I believe in people sharing sexual partners or if I'd rather just have one to myself.... I suppose it depends on the situation.

Thanks guys. =)

if you think you are you are....if you dont think you are.. you are not...and it dont matter a **** what anyone else thinks.. :)

The words "****" and "*****" are loaded words, but they do mean to have sex easily. I think women give each other a hard time for it. I don't think in general men care.