Upstairs In The ***** Club

When I was about to get married, several friends took me out to a ***** club for the traditional bachelor party treatment. The wedding was going to be out of town and about 10 days away when it was decided I should be taken out to at least one ***** joint.
We went to a couple of the classier places and had several grinding lap dances, but apparently that was as far as the girls were allowed to go according to my buddies. Finally, around 1:30am, we stopped at a real dive of a place I had never been to before.
We were greeted by two girls at the door and upon the announcement that I was getting married soon, were escorted into a dark corner. I noticed two of my friends were talking to one of the strippers over the near the bar for a few minutes before they came and joined the rest of us at the table.
About 10 minutes later, a 5' 7" blonde bomshell arrived at our table and announced the bride groom had an appointment in the VIP area upstairs. She grabbed me by the hand and led me upstairs to a softly lit area with several chairs and a sofa. She told me to sit down on the sofa while she found some suitable music on the stereo.
I told her I had not been to that club or any VIP area before and was not sure what to expect. "Crystal" advised me that my friends had taken care of everything and I was supposed to just sit back and enjoy. With that said, she pulled off my shirt and then began unbuckling my belt. She told me to stand up and she pulled my pants and shorts down to the floor so I could step out of them.
There I was totally naked, except for socks in front of this beautiful woman. Actually, I was a little nervous and afraid something bad was going to happen until she pushed me back down on the sofa and quickly rid herself of her ********'s outfit.
She had beautiful firm **** and the carpeting definitely matched the drapes as she had a nice trimmed up blonde bush. She quickly straddled me and thrust her awesome **** in my face while her hand went looking for my throbbing ****. My fingers found her moist ***** and began stroking her lips and ****.
After a few moments of this, she got up, and began rolling a condom down my shaft with her mouth before sucking me like a pro. She sucked me for a few minutes and told me not to dare think about ******* yet, as she had other plans for me.
With that she asked me to stand up while she knelt on the sofa and guided me into her now glistening **** from behind. What a fine *** she had and I began slamming into her hard and she asked me to smack her on the ***. I must admit this was the first time I had been asked to this, but found it arousing to comply with her wishes.
After ******* doggie style for a few minutes, she told me she wanted her **** in my face again, so I sat on the sofa and she straddled me while riding my ****. By this time I was getting ready to explode and began bucking wildly with her riding me cowgirl style.
She threw her head back and began moaning very loudly about half way through my climax and we both kind of colapsed on each other where we stayed for several minutes. Eventually, she got up and grabbed some wipes and began cleaning both of us up.
Crystal said we needed to get dressed and get back down stairs so the bosses would not get mad about her staying up there too long. I tried to drag it out as long as possible with this gorgeous crreature, but soon we were dressed and headed downstairs.
When I got back to the table, none of my friends would tell me how much they spent for Crystal to give me the VIP treatment, but I told them it was definitely worth it.
I later learned that a couple of them went back at some time after that night to get a taste of Crystal's goodies for themselves.
Cfmn2010 Cfmn2010
51-55, M
Dec 12, 2012