****** a Male ********

 I went to a bachelorette party for a friend of a friend..It was held in a big room at a ***** club out of town.  There was about 40 women there of all ages.  Drinks were flowing and they had 3 chippendale kind of guys dancing around..After awhile they started to ***** and come up to different girls waving their penises at us..It seemed that everybody was embarrased but as the drinks were drunk and the music kept going we loosened up and some of the ladies grabbed at the ***** offered and I even saw a woman who was obviously older stick one of them in her mouth for a moment..

As for me I didn't touch any of them even when one of the guys stuck it right in front of my face...I was a little shocked at was happening and I was determined not to participate, after all I was newly married and no way was I going to 'screw around'.. I will say that these guys were in fantastic shape and they all were well-endowed..I wasn't about to measure them but lets say they were like pornstar *****...As the evening progressed the guys were getting alot of us up on the darkened dance floor. I was dancing with the group and one of the guys started bumping into my *** with his erect ****.  I was feeling very uninhibited (I probably had too much to drink)by this time and for some unknown reason I started flirting at him by wiggling my *** and bumping back aganst his hard-on. I was getting hornier and hornier and I could feel my **** starting to juice up. He came around the front of me and it was all I could do not to grab his **** right there. It was a good thing the dance floor was dark because I don't think anybody noticed or saw what was happening. 

He started guiding me to the back wall and quickly opened a door I hadn't seen.  Holding my hand he pulled me into a hallway and then into a room just inside.  Right away I knew what this room was for...the floor had soft carpeting, there were mirrors on the walls and there was a large mattress on the carpet. 

He locked the door behind us and then started kissing me...I kissed him back, shoving my tongue into his mouth...I was so ******* horny and despite my earlier resolve against it, I wanted to get ****** in the worst way...He pulled my jeans down, I didn't have any panties on since I often went commando in those days. I kicked off my pumps and with my help he got my jeans totally off.  He started to lick my bush ( I didn't shave then) and I thought I was going to scream with pleasure as he licked and sucked on my ***** lips.  As quickly as I could I pulled off my blouse and bra..I wanted to be naked and give myself to this adonis..With him licking me still, I fell back onto the mattress.  I spread my legs wide and held onto his head forcing his face more into my ****.  He started to bite and pull at my **** with his teeth and suddenly a huge ****** overtook me and this time I did scream out, not caring anymore if anyone heard.  I felt him move up the mattress and when I opened my eyes his **** was facing my mouth...I took it in and started blowing him alternating just licking his little head and trying to deep throat his member. It was one of the biggest ***** I have had in my mouth but that just turned me on more.   I wanted him to remember this blow job as one of the best he ever had.  He started groaning and with his hands he grabbed my hair and started face ******* me in earnest..Tasting pre-***, I pulled him out and told him to **** me, I really needed it, right then, no more delaying... He positioned himself over me and with me guiding him, he rammed his **** in.  When he stuck his **** in me I thought I was in heaven...He was certainly long enough but oh my god, what was most fantastic was that he was extremely thick around and he filled me up more than any other lover before.  It felt so good and I thought to myself I hope he lasts for quite awhile.  I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in as far as I could as he pumped me hard. This guy was amazing, he was pumping me like crazy and then he would slow right down and pull out until just his **** head was in. Then he would ram himself in right up to the hilt and start pistoning me again.  I had my share of sex before but this guy was in his own league.   I kept telling him to **** me harder and he sure did.  Thank god he also had staying power and I have got no idea how long he ****** me but it was quite awhile and we were both drenched in sweat.  I was beside myself in lust and I know that I came several times before I felt his body start to stiffen up.  I grabbed his *** with both my hands and dug my nails in.  He started to *** and if it was possible I held him even tighter with my arms and legs.. If I could have pulled all of him inside me I would have..It felt fantastic feeling him spasm and jerk as he unloaded his load into my **** and it felt like a big one.  After ******* he rolled off me and only then did I ask him his name..he told me it was Tim..We sorta cleaned up, not saying too much and he escorted me to my car..He wrote down his number and said to call him sometime, I was a 'Great ****' and we should do it again, He knew I was married but said he didn't care, he would just give me more ******* whenever I wanted it and could home to my husband with my **** full of his ***...I drove home and I had a quick shower to clean up and get rid of the sex smell and I crawled into bed and never let on to my husband of 6 months that he now was a cuckold.

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Did you **** him again?

Outstanding writing and a very hot story!

i hope you get a good heap of bad karma you are evil go to hell.

Dirty woman you are. Letting strangers *** in you then going home to hubby nice story though.

I feel sorry for your husband. You don't deserve him. good story though.

I used to get s e x after almost every show when I was s t r i p p i n g, sometimes even on stage, although that was rare. It wasn't uncommon for some of the women to suck my d i c k during my routine either. If I was in a relationship it had to be with a bisexual woman, who could handle it, and of course join in

Wow what an experience and great story telling to. That was hot! Thanks

wow sounds like a great evening

I secretly hope my wife has an amazing experience like u had. Whether it is a guy at work or a ******** when she goes out with the gurls , she would be a better **** if she got banged hard by a young stud.

This is a hot story i wish i knew what club you went too, i wouldnt mind some action like that myself

You should have ****** your hubby when you got home... I think I came a few times while reading the story! Great job!

Your story has gotten me so excited and hard! Wow! I hope you will add me.

ive been thinking of going to the d ***** club to do this cause my bd doesnt satisfy me at all i need a big one in me:)

WTF is your problem cheating on your husband??

Now that just made my **** stiff!! Great Story!

Hot hot hot. My wife is headed to a male ***** club next month, and this story has me thinking happy thoughts. Did you ever "come clean" to your hubby?

Hot hot hot. My wife is headed to a male ***** club next month, and this story has me thinking happy thoughts. Did you ever "come clean" to your hubby?

Thats the hottest story I've ever heard!

Awesome story,kinda reminds me of the time I took my hot wife to a male ***** club in Vegas!<br />
I'll bet you felt so kinky laying next to your new husband with the strippers *** still inside your sweet *****.Too bad he didn't have sex with you....

this story mad me horny!

that sounded like a hell of a good time i only had one ******** experience it was good and bad all at the same time it was a midget ******** named strawberry aka denise i posted my story

Excellen!, <br />
Lucky you, lucky tim and lucky husband

Awesome story. Thanks for sharing.

Good recount Samm, never did it in a club, but it sounds good. Look forward the more tales. I think I will add you so you don't get lost :-)