The Daughter Of Lilith

Hi, read your confessions. And i like to add mine. yes i had sex with a succubus who are known as daughters of Lilith. My experiences began when i was a teen ager back in 1980s. And continued through the 90s.  Then around 1999. And it  quieted down. As always in these experiences. I felt a presence in my bed. Resting its back against me. Then  i  would dream of a woman with long black hair and gray blue  eyes.  And we make love. After these experiences i did a lot of research. And learned the pros and cons; the good and bad of these spirit ladies of the night. Well the one who visit me never hurt me. But always fulfilled my desires. Even though i resisted her. because of my christian upbringing. After all they never taught succubi as being good.
In the end i learned there was good and bad in all spirits. what we called good are angels. and what we called bad are demons. However there are a group of spirits out there that are like us a mix nature of good and evil.   We know them  from a vareity of names, sidhes, apsaras, ardat lili, faeres, etc. including as incubi and succubi.
Recently in my search i came across a book entitled Sexual Alchemy by Donald Tyson.  And although the book was listed at $20. It cost me $75.
The two reasons why  i learned it cost so much;  it was out of print; the other it is the most potent grimoire i ever come across. Why? because it tells the history of spirits having intercourse with mortals. And it has instructions on how to summon them. So i purchased the book. And read it. I wasn't comfortable with the rituals. For two  reasons:
One: They were two long.
Two: They draw too much on occult philosphy.
So i came up with an idea. I decided to make the sigils that it instructed that you can make on the bases of their names in hebrew. The other i would use a simple meditation and invocational prayer. In other words; i just called out to them. All this took place back in october of 2009.
Well, it worked. It was done on a friday night. And after i decided to do another kind of meditation. I sense a presence next to me as i sat on the bed. and there was a swirling glowing cloud next to me. And my mind's eye  a beautiful woman appeared to me. and she hugged me. later that night she reappeared in a full bodied apparition. And we maded love. She got on top of me. And i felt myself having an erection. Then i felt it slide into something warm and snugged. Then i watched this apparition smiled at me. And i watch her rise and fall on top of me. I then felt her become very warm and tight.  Then i smelled this faint metallic smell in the air. And i knew she reached her full ******. She did this several times. When it was over;  she turned to look at me again. And smiled. And then fade away.  It's been a couple of months since she has been with me. She has giving  me several names. Some really exotic. Some just plain girl names. I have no regrets in using the book. I only wish there was something published back in the 80s. Otherwise i would of called her. And save myself alot of heartache from bad relationships. She who's name i mention here for fear of attacks on her; has taught to love again. And has completed me. 
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I want to hav an exprience with a succubus....can u help me?

hey im really worried because i think my 15 year old daughter is a succubus, she has literally tried to have sex with me, she has come into my room really late at night and started trying to seduce me and when i resisist she hold me down, it takes me to yell and push her away to snap out of it!!!!! and i feel myself almost falling for it sometimes?? is that because of what she is!? obviously i would never give in as she is my dughter and i would never do that as it is disgusting but i am realy disturbed please reply!!

Hi i tried meditating to find someone to have sex with but nothing came up. Amy more ideas? ;)

:( no. all succubi are daughters of Lilith. Jezebel is the name of a Canaanite princess that king Ahab was married to. she however has been used as a symbol of one of Lilith'.daughters that married Samael. you are free to believe and follow constantine's christianity. but i do have respect for the Man from Nazareth. but as a jew. i think he would be very upset knowing he was maded into a Son of God. when deteuronomy chapter 7: 6 states there is one God in the jewish prayer ba<x>sed on this passage: the shema. but let me follow my beliefs which is Shamanism. namaste!

hi sorry that i haven't been around to check on my messages. i thank you for your comments. as of now i'm still with my succubus. and i'm also collecting haunted items. and i'm a spirit keeper. what is a spirit keeper you might asked?<br />
a spirit keeper is a person who collects haunted items that have a spirit bonded to them. and i have collected several that include djinn, faery, khodam spirits.<br />
for further info check my following blogs:<br /><br /><br />
my website at:<br /><br />
and for more info about spirit keeping go to the following:<br /><br /><br /><br />
<br />
namaste!<br />

Good story it makes me want to invite one of Lilith's daughters into my life. Second don't I repeat don't do any rituals to the fallen one. It'd not be a good idea since he lies and you may end up getting much more than you bargained for.<br />
<br />
Good luck to you and your partner

It all started when I found this topic of succubi on the internet, so i say why do not give it a try, so i start tinking about her like 5 days ago, and yesterday i start meditating for the fist time, that was really fun, or cool ? I fell if i were in the water , was an amazing experience, then i get to bed, and i start dreaming with a party and i find a girl and start having sex with her, IN MY DREAM I SAY TO HER IS THAT YOU, I AM FINALLY HAVING SEX WITH YOU, but i wake up in that moment 3:09 am then i try to sleep again and i fell the most amazing experience in my life, i fell my body vibrating and a energy getting out of my mouse, was just amazing , ANY TIPS FOR THE NEXT TIME ?

Hi richt63! I admire you! I was looking for you on web pages for some time. I am happy you are back! Love and Light!

Well donald tyson is an author i will not take rituals from his are those of the lemegetons which i frown upon that and its highly disrespectful to the demonic race using a bullshit god to throw commands at deimos is rediculous most possesions in fact are usually nut job christians wanting attention but if it worked for you congrats i use different methods of summoning and even though i would most happily partake of a succubus i would not use that book that guy angers me especially with liber lillith i wanted to beat the **** out of him he is not an occultist just a cheap scam artists polluting and plagarizing our ways as true pagans he takes **** from gnosticism lemegetons and a vast deal of other books **** donald tyson

Why so hostile? if Lilith hasn't taken offense to the guy using her name why do you? Mellow out the guy was not intentionally being disrespectful. And since his invitation was accepted by a succubus she must feel he meant no disrespect as well. I understand what you are but you should relax

hi, thanks for posts. to answer your questions i'll just give you a brief update. right now my succubus and i are in a commitment. i wont go into details what the nature of that commitment. i only say it is forever. about doing the rituals. and not having success. patience. for some folks. it happens fast. for others a little longer. are succubi kinky messing with your ***. yes. they do. they like massaging your prostrate. about deception. there are succubi who will do this. some will not. like us they can be good or evil. to any satanists out there who don't like me making reference to succubi as daughters of lilith or use of hebrew. like it or not some satanists do use hebrew letters in their rituals. as well as words. the word satan in satanist as well as being one of the names of God's left hand is actually ba<x>sed on the word ha satan which in hebrew means adversary. if you think this is wrong. please look it up in wikipedia. now if this offends a satanist. it shouldn't. satan i believe has a necessary part of creation. as michael the archangel represents order. satan represents chaos. and God Goddess is beyond creation.

i have a spirit thats with me 24/7 even when i lean back a bit a force pushes me further back i got a question does yours ever mess with your *** i hope so cause you know yours is a female but my *** is being messed with every time it happens i dont have a male one do i

Hey. Great story! Too bad Hubpages had banned my Succubi page or I would have asked you to post your story of you and your experience there.

hi owen sorry for the late reply. yeah got your message. good to see you on the blog!

Not a problem. I am still dealing with a dark entity but my Succubus takes care of them. The attacks aren't as frequent or as strong as the first, but I still get them once in awhile. The last one was last night.

I have found there is a give and take. Nothing in life comes for free and there will be strings attached. yes spirits can be deceitful, including about their purpose and their nature. By the way summoning others can bring the attention of some you don't wish to summon. Just a thought there. i don't deal dowsing experience taught me some valuable lessons so I don't dabble anymore and that's all I am going to say.....ha ha ha <br />
Just think of it this way....Horse and Donkey = Mule and sterile........Angel and Human = Nephilim (male and sterile like the mule)

not to be rude I am a spiritual satanist devil worshipper but I do own a copy of sexual alchemy but I also have studied the aspects of the deimos I will say yes you did get a succubi lover I will admit that but i will say she is most definately not a daughter of lillith any who respond to that hebrew bullshit aren't deimos and most definately not of satan the only thing I am arguing is don't use lilliths name like that that is disrespectful as hell none of the deimos I have encountered would respond to that ****. I would never have used that ritual but here is another look up standard ritual to satan on google and go to that site under demons look up succubi and incubi

i am tryin to summon a incubus <br />
but there r lots of false spells... and i am a begginer and dont know much... any advice?

I personally wouldn't try to summon one. They can trick you. I've heard so many stories about a demon and human falling in love then, it turns out to be evil and invaids the person's life. Like they wont leave you alone after, but what ever. Wish you the best of luck.

i am tryin to summon a incubus <br />
but there r lots of false spells... and i am a begginer and dont know much... any advice?

look up standard ritual to satan explore the site also use iconography

I don't like a lot of the **** on there but a lot of it is legit but her hatred is what consumes her the stuff about deimos all the stuff is legit follow your own path and don't get sucked into jos the chick is a huge biggot

but her stuff is right on such as the rituals and such

This is a great and wonderful story! I'm very curious about this myself and have just recently been experimenting. It took me a long time also because of my christian upbringing. I believe what you say about spirits being alot like us. Congratulations on your special companion!

This **** turns me on! I'd like very specific details about your experience! Did you actually see her physically?

hi mark, Oh yes! there is an ******. but it's delayed. in other words as i've learned first hand from what has been taught in the book sexual alchemy. they can delay ******. or should i say enhanced the experience. don't have an idea what you said in your last line. because of censorship. but i'm guessing your refering to ***********. most of time when i have sex with her. its usually clear fluid. although she has tease me about taking it. i don't think she would. and if she did. wouldn't mind having children with her. even if the world considered them demonic. it is said adam was separated from eve after the fall. and satan had seduced her. he went back to lilith. and they have some kids. mostly daughters. so i wouldn't mind if she took it. as long as i get a good experience. after all we are in a relationship.

I hope this isn't too gross...

Do you oragasm? If so, does she take your ********* when she leaves or is it left behind?

hahahaha! no your o.k. yes i have an ******. and most of the time what is left is clear fluid!