What I will become

I've had 6 succubus encounters since i was 16 i am 22 now my encounters was the most intense sexurall plesure I've had and my first encounter was like this it was cold and wet outside it was 3am and I was lying in my bed when I felt a chill down my spine when I blacked out I woke up and I was not in my bedroom any more I was in some sort of cave it was lit by a Erie red light and I herd a voice that sounded like a girl I looked up and saw a horrifying creture but yet it was the most beautiful and erotic thing I've ever seen she had black hair pale white skin black wings and and a tail with a point that looked like a spade on a playing card I tried to get up but she moved with incredable speed and pounced on my chest she wraped her tale around my right leg then she leaned forward and kissed me from there she grabed my penis with her hand and guided it in to her vagina she was now having sex with me she would go slow than faster than slower and repeated it was extremely painful with unimaginable sexurall plesure it went on like this for what seemed like hours when she finally stoped she lifted herself of my penis she sat up and licked my penis after that she laid next to me and whispered in my ear you are mine now. Then every thing went black I woke up back in my bed everything was silent I felt weak and sore and i looked at the clock it was 6am on Saturday I was gone for three hours then I thought about what she said and if it was true it was for I had five more encounters with her I now somewhat love her and learned her name is nakita I realize she will eventually kill me she has told me she would make me an incubus and forever be together and i may only have one encounter left befor she drains my life and I do not care.
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I wish that would happen to me
And BTW enjoy it

Wake up!! Don't be so stupid!! The Succubus is a deceiver, do not take this any further. Get rid of her before your soul is forever grounded to Hell. Repent to God and ask for forgiveness, this is wrong on so many levels. She is a DEMON, demons are never nice, they are disgusting underworld creatures that prey on vulnerable people like yourself. Seek help before it's too late.

... or

Lay back and enjoy incredible sex. Succubii are awesome.

No way dude ! Wake up ! It's very bad what you're saying; I believe every word but just consider this, what will became of you if you'll die in that matter ? I'm understanding that you're the one that jumped to the conclusion that you will die by her hands, and I also understant that you didn't wanted such an experience in the first place. Perhaps you could try a little more praying to god, but succubus are kind of imune to such things. I really don't know why, perhaps the Lilith story is true that she didn't had any sins and her children are the succubus/ vampires. From my experience I could tell you that if you pray to Crist you will be helped, and remember to keep a canon.

Congrats! Enjoy it.